10 Signs You have Hired the Worst Web Design Company

Are you looking forward to design a website for your business? If yes, then you may be in the process of hiring a web designer. This is an intimidating process. With so many options available these days, it isn’t easy to finalize one any one.

Here are some signs that tell you have hired a bad web design company:

  1. Sounds too Cheap!

Simply stay away from designers who sound too cheap. If they promise you a site under $1,000 bucks, it is not a website. It is something terribly wrong. You get what you pay for. An experienced and good web designer will charge a decent fee.

  1. No CMS

The best website designing companies know CMS (Content Management System). If your web developer refuses to build website on a CMS, avoid him. This won’t save you money. The process will get more expensive as a good CMS like WordPress built on a special framework with dynamic prebuilt functionality can save you a lot of time and money.

  1. Not in Your Country

Although these web designers speak good English and offer services cheaper, they might not be a perfect fit for your project. These designers may not be skilled or experienced in your niche. Contacting them frequently is also not possible.

  1. No Weekly Calls

The web designer you choose should not lose contact with you. He or she should be in contact with you every week. They should do it regularly until the project is complete.

  1. The Craigslist Designer

Only newbies and freshers advertise on craigslist. Craigslist is precisely where cheap people find other cheap individuals. Exceptions are always there! However, the Craigslist job board rarely has quality. So avoid a designer on Craigslist.

  1. Creativity – The Ultimate Goal

Do not hire a designer whose ultimate goal is creativity. The major focus should be on organization of content. This is very helpful in increasing the time span users stay on your site. The longer they stay, higher the chances of buying your products. Hence, you must make sure the priorities of the website designer are appropriate.

  1. A ‘Good’ Friend

Is the web designer related to you? If yes, strictly avoid hiring him/her. One who is related to you cannot be fired. They need to give you great discounts which might affect other great projects they take up at higher prices. Chances are that they may lose interest in your job and delay it beyond expectations.

  1. Too Busy

Is the web design company you plan to hire having too many clients? If yes, then it is not an appropriate fit for your project. They cannot focus properly on any of them. Avoid the company and find another one that can spare exclusive time for you.

  1. Zero SEO Strategy

If your website designer does not do SEO, he isn’t fit for doing a designing project. He doesn’t know how to build an effective, search engine friendly site. Your business will suffer.

  1. No Questions to Ask

A web designer is supposed to ask a lot of questions to his client before he starts working on a project. Right from questions about the business, their competitors, and target audience, they should ask numerous questions to be able to create the best site. Some of the important questions a designer must ask his client include:

– What are your website goals? (primary and secondary)

– Who is your target audience?

– Who are your online and offline competitors?

– Do you have brand guidelines?

– What kind of resources will you provide? (pictures, videos, images, brochures)

To Sum Up

Hiring a website designer is a serious job. So make sure you take it very seriously. Keeping in mind the above listed points will help you choose the best.

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