10 Ways to Keep Customers Through Kindness

The law of reciprocacy: No Act of kindness whether great or small will ever be wasted.

What is this law and why is it in this blog? Well, have you ever faced that urge to do something really good for someone who was kind to you or even just kind in general? That’s the law in action the more you do for others, the more profit you will see. Many businesses have found that there is a massive inflow in the number of leads right after they have either given a donation or done something extra for their client. A simple act such as a customer support executive going out of his way to help the client or giving them a follow-up call to check if everything is running smoothly can build goodwill.


There are a lot of companies that believe in taking rather than giving. These companies may be able to gain more profits in the short run with their aggressive strategy. But a more giving attitude can help build reputation and relationships which will mean repeat customers in the long term along with referral customers.


Once customers know that you are invested in their experience rather than just what you gain from them, it will result in higher profits for your business.


How can you get more customers as well as keep the ones that you already have? Its simple really all you have to do are a few acts of kindness. These can be


Being a Great Resource

There are times when you get an inquiry not related to what you do. However, you do know someone who can help them with their problem. At times like this guiding them to the right path can help your customer as well improve your own image. By giving great referrals to those who you know and trust you become the go-to person at times of need.


Give More Than Expected

How do you feel when you go into the grocery store, and there is a buy one get one deal going on, especially when it is on chocolate. That’s a little extra that the stores give you so that you are tempted to come in again and check out the new deals. By providing your customers more than they expect or delivering their order sooner than expected, you will be able to ensure that they come back to you when they need more services.


Provide Excellence

This is one of the best ways to keep your customers. Ensure that all of your products are of the very best quality and the customer is not disappointed. At the same time by answering all of the emails and phone calls promptly, you can show your customers that they are a priority. Giving your customers your undivided attention can result in higher customer success rates.


Serve Others: “You will be able to get all that you want if you only help others get what they want.” Most entrepreneurs are in the business because they have found a way to help other people with what they do. That should be your aim the more helpful your product or service is, the better your business will be. Living your life with a purpose can help you make a difference and bring joy to your customers.


Open yourself to receiving: Most people do not really know how to take compliments. What do you do? Push back and don’t believe its sincere? Subconsciously that’s how you carry out business too. Take the money, customers, and business when it comes, or you would regret when it all stops.


Listen to your inner voice: Your sub-conscience will lead you to your customers. Stop and take the time to listen to your gut and then take the road that it leads to.


Follow the golden rule: While growing up one of the major rules was “Do unto others as you would like done unto you.” You feel happy when you are treated well and if the product you are sold is useful. In the same way, you should ensure that your customers are given preference, and they are happy with the product that you sell them.


Perform acts of kindness: Once you are at the top of the ladder turn around and offer a helping hand to those after you. Give them words of encouragement and help them reach their real potential. Helping others will ultimately help you.


Be Genuine: No one likes someone who fakes it, be open with your social group and let them be open with you in return. By making people comfortable to approach you there may be a great opportunity coming your way.


Practice gratitude: Make showing gratitude a habit, when you put effort into showing more appreciation there are amazing things that can happen. Not only in your business but also in life. Show thanks to someone who has helped you someone who may have given you a referral or just a nudge to start your business. Showing someone how much you appreciate them today can bring great results in the future.


There are many ways in which you can be generous. Just remember to be generous, patient, and respectful and watch your good deals show in your life.

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