10 Ways You Can Get More Virtual Phone System While Spending Less

Worldwide, businesses are embracing technologies of varying types to enhance operational efficiency and retain the customers. Apart from having social media presence and getting functional websites developed, the businesses are also incorporating digital technologies to enhance customer experience. This is just not limited to multinational giants but SMBs are also doing the same. A noteworthy trend among most companies is switchover to cloud services. They are also adopting cloud based telephony and discarding wired landline services.

Using virtual telephony while keeping control on the expenditure and bringing benefits to the organization

While Virtual Phone System are very popular not every company using such solutions can extract the full potential. When used in right ways, the companies can obtain many benefits while keeping the cost on lower side. It is also important to know how using such a solution helps bring down the expenses.

Listed below are some tips that can be useful in this regard:

  • Minimal to non-existent setup cost- The setup cost of traditional landline telephony service is on higher side. You have to pay installation charge to the company. Besides, there are costs for wiring, individual handsets and taxes etc. You may need services of technicians to setup such telephony services. On the contrary, setting up virtual telephony in a workspace is cost effective and simpler. It can be done by employees easily. There is no wiring involved and you need not buy a lot of handsets or peripherals either.
  • Low running cost- When telephony is used, some amount of expenditure will be there, in any company. However, companies that use cloud based telephony spend typically less than what landline user entities pay. Unlike regular telephony, virtual telephony does not make a hole in your wallet. You can make ISD call using the web at cheap rate. All you need to pay is a fixed monthly charge.
  • Minimal cost for relocation- Almost every company needs to relocate sometime for expansion needs. While relocating certain expenses become unavoidable. Relocating wired telephony setup can be costly- based on distance and size of operations. However, the same is not true about cloud telephony service. Since it relies mostly on software and cloud service the relocation cost is almost nonexistent.
  • Conductive for deployment of BYOD- Nowadays, companies belonging to various sectors are opting for BYOD setup at the workspaces. This is not without strong reasons. Small to midsized companies find it ideal to cut down infrastructure and maintenance cost. When the employees bring their personal devices and computers- they feel easy using these and they are also careful about using personal stuff with care. The company does not have to pay for maintenance or repair much. However, software compatibility can be an issue with BYOD sometimes. With Voip solutions, it is never an issue. These setups can be run from web browsers and they have excellent hardware and device compatibility too. So, such apps can be used by the employees using different types of computers and web access devices. This way, using virtual telephony can bring down cost.
  • Helps avoid loss caused by factors that can disrupt workflow- Sometimes, the businesses get affected by unforeseen developments that can halt operations, finally leading to loss of revenue. There can be many such external factors that may bring workflow to a grinding halt- unexpectedly. There can be transport problems which may make it hard for the employees to reach the office. They may face same issue when there is a severe storm or snowfall. In such situations, the employees can still work from home and workflow does not come to a halt! This way, the companies can evade loss of revenue even when there are hurdles. For this, there is hardly any need to pay extra.
  • No need to buy lots of peripherals- Your company may already have regular handsets for using telephony. After switching to cloud telephony, it will not be necessary to discard all those devices and invest in new ones. The truth is, modern VoIP solutions support old and new handsets and they also work with mobile phones. Most of the cloud telephony solutions can be used with web browsers and regular headsets.
  • Save additional costs including travel cost- Sometimes, talking with a customer over the phone for any issue may prove to be inadequate. Resolving deputes or explaining benefits of a product may not always be done properly using voice calls. Using live chat is not a possibility at all times and email does not promote real time interaction either. Travelling to meet the clients can be costly proposition. However, you can use virtual telephony service to resolve such issues while avoiding excessive cost. Video calling facility in your VoIP solution can be the savior in such situations. Anytime, you can make HD video calls and interact with such clients real time through VoIP services. This can also be ideal when discussing major issues with alliance partners.
  • Up scaling does not cost much- When up scaling the telephony setup in the company, some amount of cost has to be incurred. However, the landline telephony using entities should bother about such costs. In virtual telephony setup, there is hardly any cost involved for up scaling of operations. You just need to inform the vendor offering the telephony service.
  • Minimal repair and maintenance cost- When landline based telephony is used in business setup, periodic maintenance and repair related expenses cannot be evaded. The wiring related damages can be caused by power surges, lightning and wear and tear etc. Other technical glitches can also cost the company at times. In VoIP solution using entities, such expenses do not exist. There is no wiring involved and any service outage or speed issues are tackled by the service provider.
  • Faxing minus buying fax machine- Most VoIP solutions have support for faxing and that can be prey useful for the companies using such services.  The phone number can be used very well incoming fax by tweaking settings in the software. The incoming fax messages can then be directed to email. You can receive them in PDF doc format also. This way you can use faxing feature partially without buying a fax machine.

Selecting the right virtual telephony system: How to proceed

While choosing and using a virtual telephony solution at workplace can save your company money is several ways, it is also necessary that you pick the right vendor. Listed below are some tips that you can use to choose the right service provider.

  • At first, you should find a few virtual telephony service agencies. Then you have to compare their packages. Most vendors will let you try out their offerings before licensing without paying anything for limited period.
  • It is also necessary that you check out the package cost related issues. Usually, there are no added costs when you invest in VoIP solutions but you should clear your doubts.
  • You can always check out various online resources to learn more on the service and image of cloud telephony companies. The online reviews and feedbacks of customers of such vendors can be obtained in social media circles.