What are the best Trainings to Learn to Code?

Code, a key skill of the future, 60% of the trades of 2030 would not exist yet. Ten years ago, there was no mention of Developer Full stack orGrowth Hacker, neither of SEO Manager, nor of Data Analyst. And given the digitalization of all sectors of employment, it is likely that knowing how to code … Read more

5 reasons to apply agile testing before app launch

As of September 2017, the Google Play Store held more than 3.3 million apps while the Apple’s App Store remained the second largest with 2.2 million apps in its database. According to the 2013 statistics, more than 60,000 apps are added monthly to Apple’s database, and the numbers continue to grow each day. Most software … Read more

How various Features of Visitor Management System boost Security?

A successful businessman has lots of things going on in his mind. He has to supervise all the administration and management tasks besides having team leaders and supervisors for it. Another important aspect that he has to worry about is the safety of his staff and office. It is very critical that the owner takes … Read more