400w Light Fixture & Tennis Court Lighting


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Investing in tennis court lighting is essential. First, having an optimal lighting condition ensures the safety of the players inside the court. Those utilizing the facility require adequate lighting to ensure their game are possible as well as reduce the owner’s protection liabilities.

Good lighting is also vital to the performances of the tennis players. If the light is too bright, its glare might distract them when serving. On the other hand, if the lighting is too dim, they might not be able to see the tennis balls coming their way.

The beam spread of your opted light fixtures should maximize the amount of light that spreads across the court. We recommend selecting light fixtures with a wide enough beam angle so the light can overlap without creating any dark shadows.

400w Light Fixture are characteristically in the 150 – 200 watt range, which means energy savings may be higher than 50 %. Some further arguments to convince the customer.

As we mentioned above, the minimum space you will require for a tennis court is the 78′ x 36′ for the court itself, plus space around for the umpires, player seating as well as entrances. In indoor tennis courts which are utilized for matches as well as tournaments, you will also require seating for spectators.

The Best Tennis Court Lighting Solutions

Investing in tennis court lighting is a must. However, those who want to create the best setup don’t even know where to start. If you are one of those, try asking the basic questions first – what type of lighting is best, how the lights are installed, what kinds of bulbs they utilize as well as how much electricity do they utilize.

Select LED tennis lighting that has the ideal color rendering index (CRI).

A light source’s color rendering index is a calculate on a scale from 0 to 100 of how well that light source illuminates a surface in comparison to a reference source. That reference source is most often natural sunlight. LED tennis lighting is obtainable with CPI’s that are close to or almost the same as natural sunlight, which gives players the best opportunity to see a tennis ball’s trajectory and spin, even at high speeds.

Think about maintenance and replacements.

LED tennis lighting is more long lasting than metal halite lighting. In several cases, an LED fixture would continue to operate at close to or above 80% of its initial capacity for more than 50,000 hours. When it is time to replace an LED fixture, the modular nature of most LED tennis lighting systems ensure for quick and easy maintenance with little downtime or interference with regular utilization of a tennis facility.

The LED is a recent development in tennis court lighting. The advantages are, they are long lasting and very low cost to run. Its disadvantages are, they the higher cost of the units to purchase as well as cheaper LED’s can have flicker as well as color problems. As this type of lighting is developing at a fast rate, there is no doubt that this will be the lighting of choice in the future.


400w Light Fixture & Tennis Court Lighting 400w metal halite lumbermen LED tennis lighting is more long lasting and very low cost to run.

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