5 Best Organization Apps in 2019

We’ve all been there — we have so many plans and goals for the day. But then your day is at a rough start, you’re busy at work, and out of nowhere the evening rolls around and you’re ready for bed. You didn’t accomplish anything that day.

It’s easy to blame many things if you’re unproductive. But there’s one flaw you can admit — you’re unorganized. It’s not exactly easy to get your head out of the clouds.

Start keeping to your schedule a little better. Here are the 5 best organization apps you can download.

The Best Organization Apps to Help You Stay on Track

There’s an app for everything these days. While apps such as social media stray you off track, there are apps that help you get in the game. Here are the best organization apps out now.

Aren’t satisfied with these apps? Make your own by looking for app developers.

1. Evernote

Evernote is the perfect companion for everyone, from a business manager to a student.

Evernote allows you to take note-taking to new levels. You can organize lengthy research content, utilize a sticky note function, and even organize your presentation material.

2. Awesome Note

Awesome Note is similar to Evernote, but it focuses more on planning. Awesome Note is a mix between a calendar and a to-do list. There’s a classic calendar function but you can also include your planner in an easy design.

In addition, you can separate your events into categories. Some of these categories can include reminders and scheduling.

3. Timeful

Are there not enough hours in your day? Maybe there are, you’re just not using them well enough. If you’re one of these people, you’ll benefit from Timeful.

Timeful gives you a zoomed in view of your day and structures your activities in time slots.

All you have to do is input the activities and responsibilities of the day and Timeful organizes everything for you.

4. Ifttt

If this, then that. That’s what Ifttt stands for. This is a unique organization app because it focuses on getting your devices working together.

This app is powered by tech called Applets that combine your apps, allowing them to do functions they can’t do without the Applets. This is multitasking on overdrive!

5. CloudMagic

Are you sick of messing around your phone to find the necessary mail apps to use? Or do you get distracted because another email app or notification pops up while you’re in the middle of using another email app?

CloudMagic is the app that keeps your most valuable email apps in one place. There’s no need to dig through emails. All of your email accounts are in one place, easy to access your emails.

Looking for Ways to Kill Time?

We uncovered the best organization apps that help keep you on track. But face it, you need to have some downtime. For those moments, take a look at the best game apps to have fun.

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