5 Expenses that need to be avoided while in college

As the saying goes, you cannot really save more and spend more simultaneously. College life can be one heck of a journey where you tend to spend a lot much unnecessarily even without heeding to do so.


The basic desire of anyone is to eat yummy and tasty food till they feel full! But, many a time while doing so a lot of money is spent on this particular thing. I mean, who wouldn’t pay for food which satisfies our taste buds as well as our tummies?! But, one must also keep a tab on how much they really are spending on their foods. Many small food outlets, street stalls have the tastiest food with the cheapest prices, unlike 5-star or & 7-star hotels!  People mostly go to a restaurant for it’s outer vibe, but to be honest, many simple looking stalls and hotels have those swoon-worthy foods at cheapest prices.


If you’re residing near your college then you have no worries regarding this! But, people who travel a long way must keep this important thing on their mind. Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT travel in your car or vehicle on a daily basis to college, unless and until it, of course, runs on solar power. Try taking the public transports like train, bus etc, instead. Or better, if you want to stay fit and save money, ride a cycle! With the rising up of GST software price you may actually choose this and even if you’re a lazy person, you’ll start loving your ride, after a point of time!


Here comes the very important part of one’s college life! I mean, it’s actually an important of everyone’s life too! What is a life without fun, eh? But, once again, you must choose and spend wisely on this tricky subject. I think yummy food and good fun goes side by side. Who said you need to spend a lot much to have so much fun?!  It’s actually such an insane concept!

Instead of going to high rated pubs and clubs, you can choose an extremely small one, the one which sometimes you cross without even giving a glance at! They offer cheap food and mind you, best-tasting drinks. You can even sometimes have sides for free along with it! And to have some breathtaking, activities filled kind of fun, you can actually go to any carnival that’s just happening around the corner or even better go camping in the woods with your buddies. I mean, who wouldn’t deny a spooky place along with your friends?! The laughter and fun over there are just too much to even imagine!

Fitness Regime

Who wouldn’t want to flaunt their physical beauty and attract others in their youth?? At least, one would want to stay fit just for the sake of being healthy! There are many free things that make one stronger, lean and well in turn healthy! There’s this advantage of dancing clubs, some of which are really cheap and membership prices of certain gym centers makes your eyes to fall from it’s sockets. You can even look through some Youtube channels and do exercises, yoga, Zumba, aerobic dances at home itself.


Now, it’s no wonder that colleges recommend highly informative books for it’s syllabi. But, the major disadvantage of it is, it’s darn costlier! Any which way, after you graduate, even during your studying period in your college, more than half of the things are taught by Google to you. After graduating most probably all of your books will vanish into dust over the years of not using it! So with regarding all those facts, you can just go and buy the second hand books or even better, borrow books from your college libraries and return it after the end of your semester!

Road trips

Who wouldn’t want to go on a thrilling and breathtaking road trip with their lovely buddies, now?! There are so many tips that could be way beyond beneficial for your budget to be intact.

For instance, try bringing coffee or beverages along with you as well as jugs of water to stay hydrated. If you see some unusual yet special food in the place that you’re traveling to, do not hesitate to buy it! If you think that it would bring damage to your budget then you may very well share it with your friends, after all, what are they there for?! And if you planning to crash in a tent or an old cabin for the night you may very well try to cook your own food! But if you’re planning to stay in a hotel, do check those ones which provide a free breakfast.  Best way to save money along with having totes fun!

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