Software designed for streamlining workflow is essential to staying on deadline and under budget. By cutting down on the mundane and repetitive work that your staff has to do, workflow management software can pay huge dividends.

The following are several pieces of software that can boost your team’s productivity. Not all of them work to streamline the same process, however. This means that you can likely use several different pieces of software together for the largest productivity gains.

Workflow Management with Flokzu

Project management can be difficult if tasks are split between several platforms and programs. Flokzu solves this by keeping all files in a central location.

Team members link together different files and tasks in a freeform fashion. Flokzu is simple to use, allowing users to drag and drop files wherever they’d like. This lets you replicate an actual workflow, instead of trying to fit how you get work done into a template.

This makes it much easier for the entire team to understand what to do first. It also helps keep the end goal in sight, and for priorities to be set and changed on the fly.

Monday Task Tracking

Monday is a project management software that is visually very simple. It is effectively a large spreadsheet, where team members can list their individual projects and the minor tasks that they need to do to complete them.

Teams have their own boards, and time spent on individual tasks can be tracked. This helps make it clear to management where time is being spent – and makes prioritizing easier as a result. While visually simple, Monday integrates with several other business resources. These include Google’s software suite, Slack, Dropbox, and others.

Monday allows team members to message each other directly. This is similar to how Slack or social media platforms work and can help reduce constant emailing back and forth.

However, Monday does not offer tools that track finances. While you are able to integrate software that can do this for you through the platform, a lack of native support and the added expense is something to consider.

Ecrion Will Streamline Documents

Software for document generation is extremely important no matter what sector you’re in. From standardized responses to fillable PDFs, documents need to engage with your clients. For backend processes like ordering, document generation software can also help create templates for you to work from.

Ecrion is a piece of software that is able to do all of these things automatically. This cuts down on the amount of time you have to spend on designing your forms, instead allowing you to focus on entering the information you need to.

Ecrion can help you stay compliant with industry regulations while automating document generation. Additionally, templates can be easily updated by replacing the graphics and branding in a single location. This helps you maintain a consistent brand identity across all forms and communications.

Wrike Will Eliminate Meetings

Wrike is a workflow management software designed to get rid of the need for constant status meetings. It provides real-time reports to team members, clients, and anyone else you want to keep informed. Wrike will notify them as soon as tasks are completed.

This cuts down on the need for constant meetings to discuss where people are in tasks and projects – which gives people more time to focus on their work.

Wrike is particularly well suited for software development companies. This is because it has a built-in real-time sync with both GitHub and Jira, allowing coders to share the latest version of their code with each other effortlessly.

inMotionNow Streamlines Your Marketing Team

inMotionNow is a workflow management software designed for use by creative and marketing teams. The workflow management process comes with a built-in review process. This automates the approval of ad text, press releases, and other communication materials.

inMotionNow also will pull data and analytics to track project KPIs for reports, allowing you to track the impact of your messaging. What is perhaps the best feature of inMotionNow, however, is its onboarding feature. This feature is designed for new members or those who do not have experience with workflow management software. It provides training on how to properly use the software and its features for 90 days how many pints in a gallon.

Quicklaunch Streamlines IT Security

Unlike the other software on this list, Quicklaunch does not create an entirely new platform for you to work on. Instead, it acts as a universal password for all of your software. This means that you only have to sign in once, and then can access everything you need to do your job.

The system will also help you retrieve old passwords, or recover lost credentials, very easily. This helps reduce IT security risks, like team members keeping their credentials written down on sticky notes in the office.

The idea here is to streamline IT security, while still allowing team members to access their apps and programs. Quicklaunch allows your IT team to manage restrictions and user access.

Choose the Best Software for Your Industry

While all of the above pieces of software can help in streamlining your work processes, the needs of your business come first. Make sure that the workflow streamlining software that you choose is suited for the type of work that your team is doing.

For example, inMotionNow is best suited for marketing and creative projects. A team of coders will have little use for it, but would definitely benefit from software like Wrike or Flokzu.