7 Things to Consider before Hiring a Java Development Company

Java Development Company

Application development on all platforms is vogue today. Every enterprise is looking to take a step ahead and pour themselves into the world of development. They have their ideas fixed, thoughts cleared, planning done; however, the execution is pending.

It’s imperative to be ready with the choice of language and the development companies who would do the magic for you. The language most certain would be Java as it is the first choice when it comes to development on latest applications and applets.

The world has tons of Java development companies who would do the development as per your expectation. However, how do you decide which development company to choose? What are the things that you should consider before opting the development company?

We are here to help you with the dilemma. Here are 7 things to consider before hiring a Java development company.

1. Java Certification

Having knowledge of Java is a different thing and being an expert of Java is a totally different thing. You would want to go for Java development company that possess various Java certifications. These certificates power the company with expert knowledge and understanding of Java language and you could be sure that they would take and understand your request easily.

Few Java certifications that you can look in a company are:

Java certifications

Source: Kodytechno Lab

2. Knowledge expert in Java

To go more in deep and scrutinize the company’s understanding of Java, you can investigate the company’s knowledge of Java in certain areas. You can check by seeing how strong the company is in utilizing the best practices of Java development like language & specification fundamentals, scalability, design patterns, coding concepts, Java architecture etc.

  • Programming skills: JDBC, JQuery, JSP, JSON/REST, Servlets, Spring, JMS, EJB, JSF, JPA, MongoDB, Oracle, and MySQL
  • ORM Solutions: Hibernate, MyBatis, etc
  • Architectural skills: MVC, GWT, service-oriented architecture, Appfuse, enterprise service bus, Apache Wicket etc.
  • Enterprise driven apps: NDI, Enterprise Java Beans, RMI, Java Persistence API, distributed transactions and Java Message Beans etc.

3. Development Team

The next thing to consider is the team which is going to develop the application for you. There won’t be a single developer working on your development. It’s going to be a dedicated team of developers who would be working on your project. You need to keep a tab on having a dedicated team of developers for your project. They would be able to share the output with increased productivity in dedicated time.

4. Total number of projects completed

Whenever you are looking for a company to work on your projects, you look into the list of successful projects completed till date. This gives you the confidence that the company would be able to develop your project as expected in a decided timeline. You can also see their list of happy clients and read testimonials to be more assured.

5. Security & Privacy

These days it’s all about security and privacy overall, be it as a client or as a company. It’s easy to hack the program that is easily available on the platform of the internet. You must choose Java development company that make sure to value your source code, insights of your company, the development phases and process too. If required, you can get a bond signed with the company to make sure that they don’t confide with the safety and security of your company details.

6. Industry-friendly

A good Java development company should be industry vertical friendly. It should not be specific to just one vertical and cater to the development of applications of one segment only. You should check if the development company is providing services to every segment of industry be it healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, digital etc. This gives a range of services that you can avail or take a hint from other verticals as well.

7. Cost & Customer management

The last but not the least is talking about the cost and customer service. While quality work is what you are expecting, it’s not guaranteed that it may come at a lower price. For every extra feature, you may have to pay extra. You should go for a company that is considering your most of the requirement in budget cost.

Also, once developed, it doesn’t mean that relationship with the development company is over. For future challenges, you need to be aware of any customer service being provided by the company so that you connect with the right person rather than running after people in the company.


You definitely don’t want to miss out your step on the ladder aiming towards development. Java can take your ideas to heights only if you have the right development company to accompany you with. The above-mentioned considerations are must to go through when you decide to choose Java development company for your application development. This way you would be more confident about your choice and the company would be able to develop your applications as per your expectations.

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