9 Common Mistakes You Should Immediately Ditch To Increase The Sale In Your eCommerce Website

Presently, the growth of eCommerce business has increased rapidly. It helps to provide a quicker, streamlined buying and selling experience. eCommerce has also made easier for the consumers in finding products. On a global scale, thanks to eCommerce it has become possible to connect with the customers nowadays then ever it was possible. The best part of eCommerce is the significant reduction of cost operation and scaling whether they are selling digital products or dropshipping products. If you want to get success in an eCommerce business there are some mistakes you should avoid. Given below are 9 mistakes you should look after to gain success.

The 9 eCommerce Website Mistakes To Avoid

Before understanding the mistakes it is better to get some idea about eCommerce.

What is eCommerce?

The transactions that are conducted on the internet is known as eCommerce. Now, globally there are millions of eCommerce business. Some of the most popular eCommerce websites are as follows:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Alibaba
  • WooCommerce
  • AliExpress
  • Clickbank

Let us know how many of these sites you have already visited?

Now, let’s take a look at the common mistakes which are to be avoided in eCommerce:

  1. Not to display your Policies Prominently

Being perspective is human nature. Therefore if you don’t display your website policy pages prominently people will find difficult to trust you.

Here are some of the policy pages which you must always publish:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Shipping Policy
  1. Adding Every App and Plugin Under The Sun

At the beginning try not to go crazy with apps and plugins. If you do this it will slow down your site and ultimately will have a direct impact on conversions. The most important part is to focus on delivering quality content in the begining to generate traffic and continue doing that. when you see that you are geeting traffic and some conversions then yoyu can think about expanding the collection of your plugin.

  1. Copywriting is Weak

The tenchniques of copywriting is evolving. However, one thing remains the same that if you want to sell you need great copy. People don’t like the feeling that they are being sold, so, it is important for you to understand that your tone must be direct and conversational. Maximum intrigue and minimum fluff.

You can follow the four copywriting techniques given below.

  • Captivate with Intrigue
  • Creating a Sense of Urgency by the Implementation of Scarcity
  • Utilizing the Urgency and Inserting your Order Link
  • Closing with Intrigue, Urgency, and Another Order Link.
  1. The Product Pages not Utilizing Scarcity

If you think psychologically, you can trigger the human brain with scarcity. if it is implemented correctly then this trigger can lead to sales. there are various several ways in which you can utilize scarcity.

Below, are the most common ways of utilizing trigger to increase your sale:

  • Written Copy (“Limited Time Offer”, “Today Only”, Etc.)
  • Real Time Visitor Counter
  • Countdown Timer
  • Remaining Stock Counter
  1. The Site not using Video

At this point, I don’t think it is necessary for me to tell you this. Anyway, I will still say it. For any website, a video is a must. There are countless studies which have proved the efficiency of videos. It helps the customer to keep engaged and encourage in conversions. It is not necessary that your video has to be overly fancy, but it needs to be presentable.

  1. The Pages, Posts, and Media are not branded

You have to keep in mind that consistency is very important. Therefore, all the brandings of your eCommerce website must be consistent. By consistent, I mean fonts, language, colors, and logo.

The primary pages you should ensure are branded:

  • Policy Pages
  • Checkout Pages
  • Landing/Squeeze Pages
  • Homepage
  • Cart Page
  • Product Listing Page
  1. Instead of Quality focusing on Sales

This is the most common mistake which is committed by the beginners. You are ensuring your failure if you are more worried about quick sales than long-term quality. People always spent money so that they can get the best quality. If you are desperate to make some quick cash eventually it will show and you will go broke.

Therefore, the quality must go beyond your website content and you also have to see that that thing in your backend are in order. Your eCommerce website always needs to be in good shape for competing in the market, and it starts from fast page loads to javascript running correctly.

  1. Not tracking and Analyzing the traffic

It is always said that actions speak louder than words.

The best way in which you can find what the users of your website want, is when they show it themselves. there are many great companies who analyze traffic:

  • Lucky Orange (Heatmaps)
  • Google Analytics (Traffic Assessment)
  • CrazyEgg (Heatmaps & Split Tests)
  • SimilarWeb (Keyword Research)
  • VWO (Split Testing)
  1. Not Re-engaging Abandoned Carts

It is amazing to witness that how impactful the cart reengaging is.

these are the people who have already shown their interest in specific products and have shown their intent to buy. There are also apps that will automatically engage the customers those who are either trying to or have already abandoned their cart, such as,

  • Recart
  • Abandonment Protector Plus

Now, you have got an idea what not to do. You can use this information, learn, and scale your eCommerce business. Enjoy your success by choice, not by chance.

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