Acrobat Comments: Reviewing Tips & Tricks for PDF Documents

One of the longest standing features in Adobe Acrobat is the ability to add comments to a PDF document. In Acrobat, you refer to almost all notices and drawings on PDF documents pages to comment on the author’s comment to comment on comments or write yourself useful notes. Let’s see some ways to add Acrobat comments to the same PDF.


Acrobat provides several commentary and mark-up devices ready for various interpretation tasks. Take a comment from the forum panel to comment on Acrobat DC and display the toolbar with the markup tools. In Acrobat XI, these tools are located in the comments comment on the right side of the document window. Acrobat’s comments are divided into two types of review options:

Explanations are comments that appear as predefined icons on the page. These include sticky notes, a text high lighter, virtual rubber stamp, and a good combination of text interpretation tools, strikethrough, line line, and more.
Drawing markups are comments whose goal is to throw something on this page, usually pay attention to a specific element of the page. They include circles, arrows, and freeform drawings.
You can add comments to any PDF file unless the document can be processed safely so that the comment is prohibited. The option of commenting and filling in form fields included in security settings is included although default is to prevent any change if security is applied.
Acrobat Comments Shortcuts

Try these easy keyboard shortcuts with a tool to comment Acrobat:

To add sticky notes: [Ctrl] + 6
To hide all comments: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + 8
Show all comments: [Ctrl] + 8
To print a document with summary summary: [Ctrl] + T
Tricks with drawing tools
Make a great looking drawing with these easy tricks:

To draw straight line or arrow (vertical, horizontal, or 90 degree angle): Draw [Shift] while drawing from line or arrow tools.
To draw the perfect circle: Put [Shift] while drawing from the Aurora’s tool.
To find the square: Place [shift] while drawing from the rectangular tool.
Tips to customize comment tools
Do you want to change the default appearance for such tools that you often use? Did you know that there are 17 different types of sticky notes? Do you want to add an Acrobat comment to a toolbar immediately? Try these tips to customize the look and behavior of your acrobat comment options:

To change your default preferences for comments: Press [Ctrl] + K to open the Preferences dialog box or click Edit> Preferences. Choose your selection from the type of commentary; It includes font, author’s name, and popup behavior for Acrobat Comments.
To display property again: [Ctrl] + E Press or select / Hide> Hide> Toolbar Items> Property Bar. This gives you an instant way to change the appearance of the selected item. Click on the property bar to dig more in other options. You can also find features when you click on the Comment icon from the list of comments or from your document.
Specific acrobat to change the default features for a specific device: In your document, right click a comment icon to continue using it. Next, select Properties and then choose Default Properties of the device.
To view specific comments: The list includes comments, layouts, filters, and custom tools to include the list in the first row of options.
Summary comments
Hide a document with this document is a serious error. Does not print any text interpretation text except the acrobat text box. All other comment types are printed as icons only. For more options, print the document’s summary.

To print summary:

In the Comments toolbar, click the options menu (shown on the right).
Take a note with comment summary
Press [Ctrl] + T.
Select File> Print or [Ctrl] + P
Click Abstract Comments. Verify the creation of the summary and then print your document.
Comment to customize summary:
In the Comments toolbar, click Options
Comment Summary
Customize for the type of summary you want.
Comment Summary Create a summary button to create a new document with summary.
Other comments to comment
Acrobat includes a comment list for modifying current comments. For quick response, just click on one comment right and choose Reply instead of deleting the list with additional entries. This list can also be printed with PDF (see above shortcuts).

Depending on the availability and availability of Adobe Acrobat services in your organization, each other may have many options to send you PDF. The most common choice is an email review. Unfortunately, unlike the features of track changes in Microsoft Word and Excel, review of comments can not be easily added to PDF documents. Instead, you have new sources