Advancement in Gaming & Technology

Video games have seen a lot of development and advancement since the time they have started. Now they are too mainstream with too many people playing them all the time. Since the 1980’s they have seen some great development and have been the main preference and the choice of so many people, kids of all ages and places all over the world.

The games have taken such a great leap then wonder how it would be in next few years. Gaming enthusiasts believe that the picture is going to be bigger, greater and better in just a few years and the scenario would be beyond recognition.

Let us read what some gamers have to say about the gaming world now; a few tresnding and latest additions made to the gaming world are:

Facial Features Recognition Technology

While playing we all imagine ourselves being someone not less than a ruler of the game. There is protagonist in every game that saves the other meager characters and fights for the weaklings becoming the hero. Every player wants to see his/her face in that character so gaming world gives you the chance to not be like that but also look and feel like that.

Get the avatar that looks just like you. Customize it according to what you want and then get going.

With facial recognition technology you can transfer your facial expressions and reactions and see them on the screen. Some cameras also have the capability to adapt the expressions of the gamers and it scans and saves them, copying each of the weird, uniquely different expressions that you make. And when you make some particular facial expressions then at that time the system dials down the difficulty level of the game.

Voice Recognition

If you are too lazy to pick up the controller and work upon the setting, gaming console, and various initial set up stage of the games then the gaming world has got your back. Now the games come with the voice controlled gaming system. You lazy self will be enthralled to know that now you can now just give voice commands and turn the console on and off automatically by using this technology. Control the gameplay, interact with everyone on the social media, automatically select the media from the library and browse the internet by simply talking to the gaming system.

Amazing Graphics

Gone are the days when there was this basic 8bit graphics used in the gaming. Now, the cutting edge technology and the advancement has taken a great leap and you get to play in the highest quality picture and video. The game is so realistic that it feels as if you are living the real life and the textures feel better than 3D.

Virtual Reality

For that fully immersive gaming experience you need to have the virtual reality gaming console. Although it is not very popular in the market but still it is available in many places. This will give you an experience like never before. You need to have the VR headsets to enjoy the experience.

Augmented reality

This goes a step further then the virtual reality. Where in virtual reality you get to experience a real life like world in the game in augmented reality the interactive experience created by augmented reality will create a real-world kind of an environment with the help of the real world objects. For example you can stand in front of your kitchen table and it will be augmented by the gaming software turning it into an object of the game. Augmented reality includes visual overlays, sensory projections, real world environments, haptic feedback etc.

PC gaming and Mobile Gaming

You must have noticed kids stuck infront of their personal computer playing games all the times with their eyes and heartbeat pounding according to the intensity of the game and with the advancement in technology the same games can be now played on mobile game. These games are available in all versions; you can play their best versions on your PC and also on your computers. Some of the games like Raft Wars, Super Mario Flash, Territory War, Notdoppler Games, Skull Kid, Dad n Me are considered some of the best games for PC and mobile.

Whether you are 13, 18, 21, 40 or 55 gaming is the best sport for anybody enjoyed while sitting on the couch, at your office, at your home, on board, while commuting or anywhere where you feel the need to enthrall your senses.

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