Airbnb wants to give its hosts equity in its business

Airbnb wants to give its hosts equity in its business

Wants to give domestic owners who serve it to get a piece of business. Therefore, as Axios’s report, $ 31 billion worthwhile company has written to the SEC to ask if its rules around security ownership can be revised.

Specifically, AirBBS section is looking for a change in 701 – which creates equity in companies – which allows new kind of partners to help the class, who are economical companies and Take part in their services. For Uber, one has been offered to offer a similar allowance with the SC but the ABB discussion is kept in the letter you can read here (thanks to Axios.)

“As a co-economy market, Airbb is successful when these hosts will succeed,” the company wrote in a passage. “We believe that private companies will be permitted to equip the company’s equity stakeholders with hostels and other shares in the first phase, and between the companies of the two companies and their shareholders The concern will be promoted. ”

The airport is said to be planning to go publicly next year.

Although it is not clear that for this matter, how can arbitrarily arrange for aerobic host or aberbris or elevator drivers – additional amendments will be needed. At present, the SC rules require that any private company has more than 2000 shares or more than 500 or more that are not of the trusted investors of the United States.

This is obviously an issue for the AirBB, which has increased more than 5 million listings in its base in 2008. It sees how many households can get equal equality, even there are rules to allow it. Most commonly, though, for the contractors for the contractors, initially, the equity option will not be followed for contractors, if that happens, then the security mandatory blocks the SEC reporting when they are private institutions. .
There are additional complications for businesses that have expanded beyond the American market. Most of the countries of the AirBB are overseas – the service claims to offer accommodation in 81,000 cities in more than 190 countries – which is facing a US based equity problem.

Nevertheless, the AirBB acknowledges its hostels and they play an important role in this relationship. It’s definitely some rare.

The maximum number of roles between market providers and workers of the Gig economy has been negative, especially in particular, Aber wants to make a difference between the contractor and company staff.

When emphasizing these modern work, those who do not choose any flexibility before this, they are left without standard parts of the traditional employee, such as payment holidays, benefits, extra time, health insurance. Etc. One of the earliest updates in the initial update is sprinkled to help find the differences, but their solutions are costly for all laborers, many of whom are already growing financially.

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