Akitio Node Lite with Optane review: In-your-face Thunderbolt 3 performance

Thunderbolt 3, Intel’s 960GB 905P SSD, and a bold (and then some) design

The minute I saw the Akitio Node Lite with Optane (there’s a 960GB Intel 905P Optane NVMe SSD inside), I started humming Prince’s Little Red Corvette. It’s that red, and with the well-lit 905P inside, makes for an stirring show. The combination also makes for top-flight performance, with transfer rates on the high side of 2GBps.

I was also about to say that the Node Lite with Optane costs as much as a Corvette, but that wouldn’t be a fair comparison unless I specified a collectible such as a ‘63. Granted, $1,500 (available on Amazon) is hefty sum for a storage box, though the majority of that is the high-end 960GB Intel drive. A plain Akitio Node Lite without an SSD is $220 on Amazon (as of this writing), which is still a bit pricey.

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