All about the gap year

For many years now, the gap year concept has become very popular. It involves taking a year off from your education, especially post high school and just before college.  It sounds exotic, doesn’t it? Taking the year off, travelling the world on your own, and learning everything that you need to about life and people. But is it as simple and as glorious as it’s made out to be? Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the gap year.


  1. The sheer learning that a gap year can give you is not measurable. It will expand your mind in ways that no school or institution of higher learning can ever teach you. Travel and work in travel has a way of changing your perspective and priorities.
  2. The gap year is a great way to build your resume. These days, employers are looking fora well-rounded personality. A gap year is not just a great conversation starter but is actually impressive in the interview. A person who has been through a gap year has a better awareness of cultural differences and is proactive- all skills that are necessary in an organisation.
  3. The many people you’ll meet are one of the greatest rewards of the gap year experience. You may find friends for life, your business partner, the missing members to complete your band, even your significant other.
    All about the gap year
  4. The minimalism way- when you go off on your gap year, you’ll learn the importance of keeping things really simple. You may want to rent storage units Santa Ana and box up your stuff to leave there for safekeeping. Travelling without the things that you’d previously thought were absolutely vital for your survival will give you a reality check.
  5. Volunteerism and work- one of the ways to make a gap year useful is to volunteer in the host country you’re travelling in. Think about ways that you can make a meaningful contribution to society and its important issues. You may choose to work too and there are many ways to do it- teaching English, working in resorts, teaching a sport are all some of the ways in which you can make some money.


  1. You miss a year in education-when you return from the gap year, your friends will be a year ahead of you and will have new experiences of their own. You need to be okay with this.
  2. Gap years can be expensive- from phone cards to tickets, gap years can be an expensive proposition. You could work to offset the expenses but they may still not be able to cover all costs.
  3. Gap years come with risks- some countries aren’t too safe to travel in and you need to be ready for that. Travel comes with its own risks anyway. Pickpockets, unsavoury characters, uncomfortable hotels, etc. if you’re used to a comfortable way of living, this may be an issue for you.

Missing people will be the norm for the year that you’re away. Yes, even your annoying sibling will make their absence felt!You need to be prepared for this.