Alphabet’s Q2 profit triggers rally, despite $5.1 billion EU fine

On Monday, Alcatel Inc. reported that spending from its Google search business slowed slowly in the second quarter, while offering revenue above the target of income from the Wall Street and after spending hours up to 3.6 percent Went away

Google’s advertising in online advertising has been challenged by its Android mobile software fighters, this year’s fine is $ 5 billion, and other regulatory tasks, including the new European Privacy Including rules.
Government stress has helped Google leverage more analysts to improve user’s moderate moderation. YouTube, a Google-owned Streaming Service has increased the costs to keep users like AT & T Inc. to offer customers with Netflix Inc. and to transfer media outfits as an extension.
But these problems have not yet been needed to prevent the characters, which has increased more than 20% years over two direct years.

Richard Kromer, next research analyst, said, “There was no question about Google’s dominance of the digital advertising market.”

The name of the company’s advertising partner, the quarterly rate of traffic, the cost of traffic acquisition, fell for the first time in three years, with which Atlantic Acquisite Analyst James Cordillel called the “most impressive” result “As described as pieces.

The Google Chief Executive Catchi told analysts that investment in artificial intelligence software is better than where the ads are serving, which means advertisers are more interested. He said that the company is selling more and more ads because its YouTube video service and Google search grow globally.

Profit margins have been drowned because more and more ads are displayed on mobile devices, where Apple Inc. and other organizations charge fees for distributing Google Search on these devices and apps.
But in the second quarter, Google has registered the second year of its latest multi-year deal with Apple, in which analysts said expenses will also help.

In the last quarter, operating margins increased by 22 percent, in addition to a reduction of US $ 5 billion in the last week, the European Commission dropped on the Google anti-compact license software software. Margin was below 26% a year earlier.
Net profit fell by $ 3.5 billion to $ 3.2 billion, due to fine profit, but analysts focused on operating results.
Revenue adjusted per share was $ 10.58, except for fine and impact of other investments. According to Thomson Reuters, overall researchers estimate estimates of $ 9.52. Some analysts also removed other items, and the characters defeated the $ 9.59 consensus.

Regardless of the second quarter of the quarter, $ 32.66 billion, which 86 percent of Google’s advertising business, estimated an estimated $ 32.17 billion.

Other revenues are available in Google’s nonprofits businesses, including selling apps, gadget and cloud computing services, and enterprise such as internet service.

New businesses face investments because Google increases the number of data centers and employees helping them. But Ruth Portat, the main financial officer of the alphabet, told the analysts on Monday that the advertising unit is also investing new.

Alphabets, Facebook Inc. and other well-known applicants have become a major source of advertising in the form of globally-consumed advertising, and as a result, advertisers are on smartphone and TV apps instead of newspapers and traditional TV broadcasting.

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