Beginning from sixth August 2018, an over-the-air update to Android 9 will start taking off to Pixel phones.”

The story with Android 9 Pie isn’t profoundly unique, however, it changes a portion of those time-tested (and progressively drained) lines a bit.

The numerous highlights in Android 9 Pie follow into something that feels more cleaned than the last couple of forms of Android. There is a considerable measure to like and fewer reasons than at any other time for updates not to turn out for excise have been living with a similar “three-button core navigation system” in Android for quite a long while now, yet with Pie (Android 9), Google is at long last giving the “gesture-based interface” a shot. It may not be the most essential new element in the OS, however, it’s positively the most noticeable and the most troublesome.

The new system replaces the back, home, and multitasking buttons with a solitary home button, signals, and different catches that show up on an as-required premise. In principle, it will make future Android phones more open to clients who are utilized to the iPhone X’s gesture system, and it additionally offers a few advantages (swiping requires less precision than tapping). Generally, the new gesture system works, however it’s adroitly confused Visit Android Update.

Talking about features that analyze the user’s usage patterns and adopt new settings, another interesting feature that Android 9 Pie brings is Adaptive Brightness, which learns how you like to set the brightness in different settings, and does it for you.”


Fortunately, (on the Pixel 2 XL) Google has finally got to a place where the “animations” fill in as they should, and the junk is gone. Yet, the material science ergonomics still feel somewhat off, particularly in case you’re utilized to the system on the iPhone X. Where the iPhone’s gestures give you a chance to spill out of one thing to the following with a solitary signal, Android’s vibe is somewhat more monosyllabic.

The story with each new form of Android, more or less is: it’s awesome, however, you can extremely just get it on a phone that Google makes. At some point one year from now, new phones by different organizations will launch with it. The Android phone in your pocket may get it, perhaps, yet it’ll take longer than you need, and truly, the new form isn’t that extraordinary, so you shouldn’t sweat it excessively. Indeed, fragmentation is an issue, yet it’s preferable now over it used to be, on account of Google’s capacity to drive some key updates out through the Google Play store as opposed to relying on full system updates.


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