AP Blood Cell App2019 Free Download For Android

AP Blood Cell App2019

BLOOD is the major component to our body, providing all necessary nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Many people are daily suffering for the blood requirement everywhere. People are even ready to spend as much money as for the requirement of blood in emergency times during operations. But, many people can’t get blood in those cases and surely the patient may die.

We can’t predict our future or anyone ’s, what will happen coming days. We can’t get dead people back. As you know daily a number of operation are done and there is a lot of blood requirement also. Many Camps, Organizations are coming to our towns, colleges, forward to collecting blood and providing to hospitals. This may help a few patients But, what about remaining patients??

To overcome all these difficulties faced by a common man, Our Government has taken the best choice to save a life. Our Government has launched an Android Application with many useful features to save lives.


Our Honorable CM, CHANDRABABU  NAIDU has launched an application to make blood available at any time for anyone by just using a single application from your android phones. You all need to do is just download application available from Google play store and login In with your details and can fetch details of blood units available at any banks, Donor Details, change Minecraft username No of units of blood, Location of The Blood Banks, Etc.,

Really, Our Government has done a very great job to save people who are suffering from blood requirement. By this, most patients would be in a safe zone by just checking the blood requirements from any Blood Banks and can keep the required blood available for you. This App has many options which are very useful to every common man in saving a life by donating blood. All Blood banks are linked with an app with updates of blood groups available at them.


  • You can store your blood for any emergency cases if arise.
  • Can search for donors with your required blood group in all Blood banks everywhere.
  • Can search for updates of blood groups available from the blood banks.
  • You can also book a day to give blood on that day without wasting time through this app.
  • The donor can check updates of his blood given in blood bank.
  • Saves more time in searching required blood from any blood banks available.
  • You will be awarded some advantages useful for you by donating blood.

So, This app with many useful features will surely useful for you. You can get this app on your phone at a free of cost. Follow the below steps to make download and learn to use this app installed.


Follow the steps given which makes you find easy in downloading and using this application.

  1. You need to ‘DOWNLOAD’ Application available from Play Store.
  2. Open Play Store in your android phone and search for AP BLOOD CELL in search option provided at the top.
  3. Now, you will be displayed AP BLOOD CELL Application.
  4. Click the ‘INSTALL’ option to get the app.
  5. INSTALLATION may take some time to be patient.
  6. After Installation, You are ready to open the app and can use this app.
  7. Now, Click ‘OPEN’ to move to forward process.
  8. The User needs to be registered and verified his mobile number automatically by entering his number.
  9. By completion, you will be successfully registered your number to use the app in your phone.
  10. Now, you need to fill your details and need to update them as shown below.
  11. Now, you can check the availability of blood you required from any Blood Banks.
  12. You can even book an appointment of a particular date to give blood at your nearest blood banks.
  13. You can also search for the blood banks located with their details.
  14. You can search for the availability of blood group you required from all blood banks.
  15. You can also check the details of your donated blood units from the app.

This app is very much useful and easy to use. So, please share with your friends about this app to save many patience’s need for blood. People can leave a comment or can contact me for any suggestions.