Apple silent amid iPhone ‘chargegate’ complaints

Apple silent amid iPhone ‘chargegate’ complaints

Apple suspects during complaints that its new iPhone XS and XSx smartphones fail to constantly charge when the plugin.

Many users have reported that their device is denied charging if it is denied charging. Some charges are only when the display is “wake up”.

The video blogger Lewis Holder, while submitting this issue, sinks “Charge Gate” in a video.

However, Apple has not commented on this issue yet.

Mr. Holderner presented a YouTube Inbox therapeutic channel, with over 12 million users.

In a video published on weekends, he tested them with a government job in the supply of an ip power to nine iPhones.
While the iPhone X did not issue any problems in 2017, while many of the new XS and XS Max phones were denied charging.

Maximum phones only charge when the display is activated to lift the device. However, none of them will charge.

Mr Halisinner said that when he was mentioned by an audience while mentioning his problems, he was informed about this problem.

He did not feel that matter because he used wireless charge on his device instead of power cable.

“In response to such platforms, they should bring light and hope that certain types of software are correct.”

“This is my job. I have called these things. I have to be responsible for these companies.”

There are many complaints about XS and XS Mac failed to charge on its website as well as on Apple Discussion Discussion Forum.

Society media can also be complained, where some people are unable to charge their phone, once the battery is over.

Some users have estimated that there is a recent change in Apple’s security settings.

Since the IP 11.4.1 was released, the power port on the iPhone may be disabled when the phone is in vain for a while. It can be thieves, cyber invaders or law enforcement officers.

Companies recommend some website.

However, it does not explain why the iPhone XS and XS Max users are facing the problem.

Apple has not yet responded to the BBC request for comment.

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