Apple Upstages Amazon in Selecting New Tech Hub Locations

One escort, in hopes of landing new corporate campus, is destroying dozens of North American cities through a technical wall circus-like competition that led the mayors and governors to clear their territories strictly. Before its big move, the other was silent.

The result was largely similar: Amazon and Apple are out of the room in their western edge cities and in American cities already set up a large strap in a handful known as the second tire technical center Are there

But this week, Apple might probably get the prize to complete its search with at least painful feelings.

Apple announced Thursday that Austrian, Texas will build around $ 1 million (approximately 7,200 crore) campuses, to engineers call center agents for at least 5 million jobs. Will build up to agents. For technical startup and big companies.

This decision comes for 11 months when Apple CEO Tim Cook demonstrated plans to open a large office on large-scale tax cut heels on foreign profits outside California, which returned the company $ 250 billion to US $ Is inspired to bring.

The company said it will also have open offices in Seattle, San Diego and Colorado City, California, which employ at least 1,000 workers in the next three years. Apple also promised to add hundreds of jobs in New York; Pittsburgh; Boston; Bowler, Colorado; and Portland, Ogan.

Richard Florida, a citizen of Toronto University, said, “They are just raising America’s most established superstar cities and technical centers.”

The expansion of Apple’s skates shot reflects the growing competition for engineers in the Silicon Valley, which has long been the world’s high-tech tax. The payout is higher for the programmers, which leads to increasing the average prices of homes in many parts of the San Francisco Bay area. $ 1 million (about Rs 7.1 crore). Many high-tech workers are choosing to live in other places, therefore important technical jobs like Apple, Amazon and Google require their future discretion to look at new places for employees.

Cook said in a statement: “Talent, creativity and successful ideas of tomorrow are not limited to region or zip code.”

City-wide cities offered Apple’s new campus a fiscal concern, but Cook survived the highest competition, which put them against each other, as making a huge new office in Amazon New York and Virginia. Before deciding.

Amazon could get a concern at $ 2.8 billion in New York, depending on how it eventually lives there and up to $ 750 million in Virginia. The creation of jobs in tax will allow Apple to get up to $ 25 million in addition to the property tax revolt, which still needs approval. This figure is a small part of Amazon.

Mark Apple, a senior partner of the Metropolitan Policy Center of Brookings Institute, said Apple’s “government public” shakts “seem to be more” in relation to the choice of a small business site “than Apple’s offered government opportunities.

Moro said, “The growing backgrounds and changes in the country have increased in the face of the whole process of all peoples.” “He said, for a very significant increase in jobs, more than Apple’s Amazon number popping up.”

According to this year’s preliminary analysis by CBI research, where Amazon and Apple decide to clarify they were clear choices. Washington DC, ranked behind the Silicon Valley and Seattle, was ranked as the third place in North America for the talent talent. New York ranked 5th and Australian sixth position. No. 4 was outside of America: Toronto.

Einstein Campus, with a 3 million square feet (approximately 280,000 square meters) office space, will be a mail from another major office that Apple opened five years ago. Apple currently employs around 6,200 workers in Assistant, it has been built out of the Silicon Valley before the expansion.

Amazon. hope that the same mix is ​​already done by Apple in its Captino, California, headquarters, in technology and research, in which customers pay more than $ 100,000 in lower paying positions in call centers. Is done

It is eager to bring cities to more tech employers, because they often pay six figures in their hands. They can increase the economy, restaurant and theater, to buy new employees, buy property and pay taxes.

But rentals and home prices can also arrive in the arrival of rich tech workers, making them more difficult for at least jobs so that it’s over.

“When Tech companies are tried to recruit investment and recruitment workers, there is definitely a good news for technical workers who already exist there,” said Expert Economy Badge Kolkata. Want.” “But it can put stress on the housing market and movement.”

Texas Guffe Greg Abbott admits Apple’s new campuses as a milestone that “really raises Austin as one of the main technology issues throughout the world.”

President Donald Tampamp congratulated Apple’s move on Friday, who thanked Kick in a tweet for “consent” to increase his American actions. Since September, there was a sharp change in tonnes, when Trum told Apple to make his products in the United States instead of China, in response to the concern about the cabinet. Apple uses plants in China and other places to create ingredients and collect its products.

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