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Apple Watch may soon get a design overhaul

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Apple’s annual iPhone launch event is of course doubtless one of the most awaiting events of the year and is just a week away.

Rumors are in full quarrel about all products that are going to start.
In all products, fourth generation Apple Watch, allegedly called Apple Watch Series 4, is a recent favorite of forces because one or more leaks are displayed online.

One of the latest suggestions that can change the shape of Apple Dial, which can be square square in one square from the last three generations.

A picture of the Apple Watch Series 4 allegedly has been sliced ​​on slavery (originally posted on value), with its circular frame housing shown round dial. The next clock display specifications are also described with this picture – with a 1.3-inch amplitude display 360 x 360 pixels resolution. In addition, it is also called with Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC.

One circular Apple Watch was one of the hidden messages that was claimed to indicate this year’s invitation.

A change in design can not affect the new Apple clock compatibility with the current Apple. Bloomberg claimed a recent report that the soon-starting watch is compatible with the current strap, which means that all straps were available for Apple Watch Series 1, 2 and 3, with a new tool. Will also work The report describes the familiar people that according to this product, new Apple watches will be like existing devices, but large displays will be presented, though their overall sizes will also be the same.

Large display will be obtained with the increase in the screen space “which runs from edge to edge.”

Former chairman of the KJI Securities, Ming-Chi We also has shown in the past that Apple will be replaced in all the possibilities of Apple. Apple Watch Series 4. Who, comes with Apple-rumors when it’s a good track record, told the 9to5 Mac that new watch from Apple will have big display with better health monitoring.

According to them, Apple Watch 4 will be “15% big display and trend form factor design.”

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