Apple Watch Series 4 rumours, specs, release date and news

Apple Watch Series 4 rumours, specs, release date and news

The Apple Watch Series 3 was the last autumn and it was an important hit. We also think that he has sold very well, but we do not really know because Apple sellers refuse to ignore the numbers.

Perhaps perhaps because of the numbers it would not look great for the numbers that sell phones or fonts. However, we know that Apple’s clothing – including bets and aerial pads, “” Forever 300 is a big company “- so that is effectively one of the top 300 American companies.

Team Cook also said in February that the sales around the last Christmas and sales in this quarter were the best for the Apple Clock. So what do we expect from the new Apple Watch?

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When is the Apple Clock Series 4 release date?

If this is a new watch this year, then it will be announced in September as IPII. This means the release of the Apple Watch Series 4 will probably be at the end of September or at the beginning of October.

New Apple Clock Software Update – At the beginning of Watch OS 5 – June was announced in the Apple’s Global Developer Conference (WWDC).

Apple appreciates many new features, including new features and new activity and exercise features, Walkie Talki app and interactive notifications in iOSOS. Learn more about the WatchOS 5 features.

Apple Watch Series 4 Design and Display Like

It would not be too sad to change the design of the Apple Watch, because it’s the same series in 2015 starting the same series more than 1 model.

Display status is the status of which will be upgraded to series 4. The new IPP 9.7-inch launch will be closed directly, generally the trustworthy GIG securities analyst Ming-Chi has released a new report, which includes the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4, this year. I will have a 15% big display.

With a big display, Wee says the new Apple Smartview will improve health monitoring capabilities and longer battery life than the current series 3 model.

However, we say the series will come with 4 major displays, they do not say if the size of the patch will grow, or if Apple maintains the current size and will sprinkle just the basil.
However, if battery life increases, the watch may require a large amount of adjustment to adjust the larger battery.
At each, Apple Watch Series is on the left side 4, as the pink sand shows the game loop band. A typical Apple Clock from series 1 to 3 is shown on the right.

The previous rumors point out the new watch indicating hipatic feedback, but not on the design of gascane rather than the sensitive buttons and physical equations on the sides. For our money, we think Apple will maintain digital crown because it is a point of conflict.

As a release date, it is said that the new Apple Clock Series will be the first time in September with the latest iPhone’s iPhone 4 in September. We’ll keep track of you.

Apple Watch Series 4 Button

Apple can also find Apple to change the button on Apple Clock with a solid state button for Apple Clock 4, according to a Fast Company report.

Apple Watch allows the wind to be more water-resistant to move solid state buttons, because there will be no difference between movement, and it will free space within the watch, which can be used for a large battery. .

The report, which describes one source through direct knowledge of Apple projects, says the current buttons of the Apple Digital Crown and Side Button will be set up.

Through the Fast Company, it said that this change can be a new way to make Apple have to announce later this year, but we can not get new Apple Watch by 2019.


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