Apple’s 2018 iPhones may face competition from Xiaomi, Vivo in India

Apple’s 2018 iPhones may face competition from Xiaomi, Vivo in India

New Delhi: Customers upgrading smartphones before Devilali can be frustrated for the selection because this premium class is being fought because the aggressive entities Zaimi, Wai and Hoiyai have tried to shake the ruling leader Win Plus. . As Samsung and Apple.

Analysts said that the war could help boost the acquisition of premium smartphone of India- more than just 30,000 and above as compared to the cumulative comparison of 20% in the quarter in July. As a smartphone space is expected to be flat within a period of three months. . He added that similar growth in acquisition is expected in the next three to four centuries.

This South Korea Samsung will make the first step with the launch of the latest note 9 smartphone this month, then the end sub-brand Pico is a populace, WAV, OWN and Zia devices, of this festival.

Before the season, which normally starts in October and handheld maker in India, gives annual annual revenue at least one third. “The $ 500 premium segment is traditionally distributed between India and Samsung in India,” said Nekkarinder Singh, an association of International Data Corporation. With the success of new 500,000 players in the windows with new players … other players are listening to Op, Wave, Jamie, Hoavvi. ”

Many brands, mostly Chinese, are increasing the rising stairs in the rising prices of new models in more than $ 500 to promote new brand positioning and build them on time. Recent research by the CMR suggested that the replacement of 59% of the smartphone market is against alternative buyers or up to 41% of new buyers.

In changes, more than 95% are moving at the next price level, resulting in most brands – trying to invest in high cash and profits. This section offers about 3% low volume in the overall market, but is 12% higher.

Eve, now the world’s second largest smartphone maker is the aim of attaining the highest class.

“No one can ignore India … this is the fastest market.” Said Alien Wang, director of the Household India Consumer Business Group. “It’s the right time to push our exclusive branded smartphones. Our target is to be the top player in the highest or premium section in India.”

Wave India’s brand strategy director Nipon Mary said, “India is such a strategic market for Wave … focus on the premium section is part of the new strategy.”

Zero’s Indian President and the International Vice President Manu Jane recently said, to focus on the high-end space, to help the rising average sales price (SSP) for smartphones in India. Is.

Investor Analyst Karan Chohan, in Counter Point Research, said that most launches were Rs 30,000-40,000. Will be in the range because brands are now looking at the more profitable margins when consumer spending is rising. Chennai said, “Indian consumers are getting more adult and informed in terms of experience, characteristics and specifications that ultimately take them in the premium section.”

Analysts have said that demand is demanding reduction in affordable space through demand like cashback, equality monthly installations, data bundles and exchange offers. The premium section increased by 19 percent over the previous year and in the second quarter setting up 10%, when a bridge took Apple to remote third number to remove Samsung from the east.

But both Samsung and Apple are trying to strike.IPC Singh said Apple will participate in the Premium section on this part of the year, with its new launch. On the other hand, Samsung, “With this continuous launch of Launch 9 Launch and S9 range, will be a strong brand in this section,” he said.


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