Berlin’s Emil launches pay-per-mile car insurance

Berlin’s Emil launches pay-per-mile car insurance

A new start of ML’s foundations of Movinga, claimed that it is Germany’s first salary car insurance that measures mail in real time. Drivers who have considered an average average (or about approximately 120 mph) per hour – which we have told accounts for 49 percent of German drivers – Emily Emily AP and your provided dong Pass plug car diagnostic port

Co-Founder Settlement Knutzen told me “We are building 21-century movements of insurance with Emil.” “We believe that today their offer of insurance products can be improved in different dimensions and wants to change it so that we can offer suitable and fair products according to customers’ needs. Starting with the insurance market, whereas relatively few gas drivers have subscribed to the high risk of high-speed highway ground drivers, who have distributed unfair insurance premiums.

Digging slightly more in technology and model behind the emblem, Knutzen said that an ile stick is an IOT device with an integrated SIM card that plugs into the vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostic port, from where the data from the initial server Is sent for

They say at least mail driver drivers can significantly save their insurance premiums.

In addition, the Emil Mobile app offers your vehicle ‘smart’ features, such as track tracking, reviews of all trips (“driver’s logbook”), and remote diagnostics.

The insurance policy was developed in collaboration with General Regulation AG (a Berkeley Heathrow Company) and German Insurance Gutta Almadi Vernering.
Adds Knutzen. “Our customers have used their smartphones and other gadgets for payment, banking, purchase, etc., but not for insurance. We try to fulfill the expectations of such kind for insurance products.

More broadly, emails are increasing current trends such as increasing environmental, growth, citizenity and car contribution. “We have decided to present the insurance that gives people a reward to not use their cars as our first product. There is a significant cost advantage of customers running less than 6,200 miles per year, Which covers almost half of the German car drivers. “Knutzen says.

Meanwhile, I have said that far so far, there is a “seven-digit” badge round of multiple family offices and business angels belonging to Emil’s only fund technology, automotive and insurance industry. These include Johannes Reake (co-founder of partner Guy), Lucas von Cranch (co-founder of the football team), Roland Greeniki (co-founder of Dobsmasm), Philip Petrosco (co-founder of Lindico), Verna Powder (co-founder Fox and crowd) Early Elinghorst (German Automotive Expert), and Oliver Mackar (co-Founder Talbob, the co-Founder Madrid and the first angel of Movinga).

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