BI Tecnology Company, its Products and their Applications

To gather valuable suggestions from domestic and foreign customers and to make the publication of the product easier,I.mec and BI technologies integrated in one directory. I.mec is a long-standing branded parent company, born in the late 1980s, with a multitude of tanks, pumps and mixers. With a vision that focuses on product qualification, BI technology operates under high quality policies and respects the rules and parameters accepted by the international market. BI technology offers various products which include; Vibrating Sieves, Tanks, Mechanical Canvases, Iron remover, Mixers, Pumps, Dissolving Units, and Mill Discharge Units.

BI technology Products and Fields of Applications

  • Vibrating Sieves and Vibrating Screeners

This meets the various needs of solid / liquid screening, filtration, separation and classification in various industrial processes. They mainly use these to prevent the entry of foreign bodies into the process when raw products are unloaded into paper, plastic or burlap bags. They use the unit under an automatic slitter or they install a hatch to place the bag directly into the unit. They can change the size of the outlet flange according to your needs.

  • Tanks

BI tecnlogy has an innovative and exclusive solution that provides a cost-effective and unmanageable way of transportation around the world. The Agi-tank is ideal for high solids liquids and requires mixing prior to injection to improve flow characteristics. *2905*, has more information regarding Tanks.

  • Iron remover

Dyeing the fixture in water or pipes usually detects iron. Remember, a rule when choosing a method to eliminate iron is that there are no rules. That’s why – Iron Removers, offers different solvents. They all included; Iron solvent for liquids, filter for enamels, iron dissolving agent for liquids and Grid iron removers.

  • Dissolving Units

BI tecnlogy designs them for dispersion and batch dissolution of various soluble powders, or granules e.g. Polymer, salt, sulphate, guar gum, and soap. They base the design and manufacture of the unit on the requirements of chemicals or raw materials, processes and production capabilities. Finally, some characteristics of BI tecnlogy companies are; Robust, efficient and continuous research on new applications, fast response to all needs. The goal of BI technology and I.mec is to enter the market as a reliable partner in screening, filtration and iron removal. It is therefore true to state the company operates under high quality policies and adheres to the rules accepted by the international market.”