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Analytics has an exert influence on the business world, however, it is regrettable that not many professionals own the right blend of knowledge, skills, and background for it. Here are the pertinent certifications that are nurturing aspiring big data professionals.

It was not very long ago when Big Data analytics struck business with the plethora of benefits that it offers. And, in no time, it became the lifeline for organizations that are focusing on the data-driven approach.

The latest reports in the business realm reveal big data initiatives being taken in every corner. The rate of adopting big data went from 17% in 2015 to 53% in 2017, as disclosed by an article in Forbes. So, it is not hard to imagine the skyrocketing utilization that shall occur in the coming future.

From globally renowned companies like Airbus struggling to enhance their customer experience to NFL football teams desiring to amplify performance levels, big data technologies are changing the face of countless industries expeditiously.

Now, with companies becoming inclined towards taking strategic decisions basing on the analysis and interpretation of data, there is a deep requirement for the right big data tools to be utilized by the right professionals. However, the chase for intellectual, well-read individuals with a knack for analytics is a strenuous job to undertake.

The chief reason why the supply of big data professionals is not meeting its soaring demand is that this domain of work is new and the roles pervading this industry are not well-defined a yet. Further, the requirement for analysts, programmer & managers with big data knowledge is only going to get higher every minute of every day.

Such developments signal that the intensifying need for professionals with contemporary analytical skills will be prevalent in each industry making this time a golden period for IT pros to sharpen their brains and get ready to dive into the vast, deep pool of Big Data.

Especially, with the news becoming viral that the internet of things is going to be the next crucial area of focus in order to offer data and analytics assistance. The CARG is expected to elevate by thirty percent over a period of five years as IDC states. While McKinsey predicts a jump from four trillion to eleven trillion dollars of the global economic influence of IoT by the year 2025 as its technologies are leveraged by businesses for providing better insights.

With such events falling in favor of big data analytics, professionals turning to this dominion are going to be remunerated well in return of their skills set and understanding of big data that is rare to hunt for. Moreover, if one earns a big data certification, he or she shall be overly given attention to as at the end of the day, what is on your resume matters the most to employers.

So, to guide you through it, below is a list of the Top Big Data Certifications out there. Take a look and analyze if any certification rings your bell.

Brace yourself!

  1. Associate Big Data Analyst

An impressive Big Data certification program backed by Data Science Council of America (DASCA), ABDA has been fabricated for big data novices who are on the expedition of finding the gateway to the lucrative world of big data & analytics.

So fundamentally, Associate Big Data Analyst is meant for business school and graduating students belonging to the new generation eager to gain proficiency is statistics, mathematics & economics.

  1. Certified Analytics Professional

A vendor-neutral program in data analytics, CAP promises you to aid you in transforming complex, raw data into relevant insights and support businesses to a better future. It does not only help students develop the cognizance for data but also provides you with the knowledge to come up with rational conclusions and explain them effectually to the stakeholders.

  1. Senior Big Data Analyst

Another creation of the Data Science Council of America (DASCA), SBDA has been constructed while keeping in mind the requirements of experienced business analysts and market researchers who possess a functional knowledge of how work goes around in the big data zone and are all set to move swiftly towards a prosperous career.

Backing professionals from distinct educational and professional backgrounds, DASCA holds the integrity of vendor-neutral certifications assisting people in laying the groundwork for directing big data projects by demonstrating the ability to comprehend data in the most potent manner.

  1. Cloudera Certified Associate – Data Analyst

A top-notch big data certification, CCA prepares young professionals to create a strong fundamental knowledge of enacting as a data analyst, developer together with the administrator of the enterprise software promoted by Cloudera.

Earning this credential instills you with the confidence to convince employers on your capabilities of undertaking the role of a data scientist. It is a tool to elevate the standard of your portfolio, especially, if you are a freshman.

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