Boating Accessories which are Essential to protect you and your Boat!


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The year’s boating season is not that nearby, but that doesn’t stop us from preparing for it. You can think about whatever boating accessories you need to include in your collection so that you have a great time on the water. Boat accessories help to elevate the fun and comfort that you are entitled to on a boat. Some boat accessories also help to increase the value of your boat, and make it attractive for customers, if you are seeking to rent it out. And then there comes the most important category of boat accessories, those which serve as an insurance to both the boater’s and the boat’s life.

There are certain accessories you can purchase that may depend on the water sports you are engaging in or the type of boat you own. Your accessory choice may also be influenced by something you used on a co-boater’s boat or on a boat you had rented previously. But, the accessories we are talking about have no such ifs and buts attached to them. These are crucial no matter what kind of boat, sport, or boater you are. So, if you are an owner of a jet boat in Perth, All Marine Services can be your one-stop destination for all your boating needs. They offer all kinds of boat detailing and cleaning products, fishing and boating products, boating accessories, as well as build, repair and sell boats.

Boating accessories to protect the boater, boating gear and the boat:

Irrespective of whether you have just purchased your very first boat, or whether you have owned one for quite some time, there are certain boating accessories which you can’t afford to neglect. Whether you are travelling solo, or with friends and family, you need to make sure that you are well-equipped with these important accessories before you set sail. Most of these are quite pocket-friendly and you can easily get your hands on these boat accessories in Perth.

  • Bungee dock line: This is a very important accessory as it securely connects your boat to the dock or to another boat when you are rafting. In case you are far from the boat, these lines help you to tie up the boat somewhere else. The strength of the bungee line will amaze you in case your boat gets knocked by other boats or pylons.
  • Dock bumper & boat fenders: These accessories help to protect your boats from damage caused by weather, less cautious boaters etc. Dock bumpers ensure that your investment is protected from scrapes and dings while it’s tied up at the dock. Fenders act as a cushion between your prized boat and the dock or another boat, ensuring that the boat’s topsides are protected from damage.
  • Dry bags: Waterproof dry bags will keep your valuables and belongings dry and safe while you are out having fun in the water. You can keep items like watches, compasses, documents, mobile phones, rings or any other jewellery that you need to keep water-safe. This will protect them against water splashes, watery surfaces etc.
  • Tools: Your boating tool-kit should have a zipper pull screwdriver, shackle, stainless steel blades, two deck keys etc. Keep it along with other marine safe tools like sockets, wrenches, pliers etc.; and yes, don’t forget the flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Life vests: This is possibly one of the most important things on a boat, as your life depends on it, quite literally. Make sure to stock up on life vests so that you have enough for your family, or when you have other guests aboard. These come in various colours, sizes, materials etc.
  • Rain gear: The weather can play quite harsh pranks on us, and there are times when it can go from a super sunny day to a rainy day in minutes, while you are in the water. So, though it can end your boating trip sooner than you planned, at least rain gear can protect you from the rain and the wind. Also, keep an extra set of clothes and towels.

So, these were some of the most affordable and crucial boating accessories that will work the best for you. These are those investments that will come in handy whenever you are out boating. So, are you ready to add these to the crew?

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