Campaign Effectiveness Comes Down To Great Ads, Not Viewability

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Paul Lori, head of marketing and strategy in today’s column Tie Media, has written.

Regardless of continuous racing, brands and agencies can forget an important factor: engagement.

You might have a high-level score, but if the message is presented, does not remove the home with the right users, the campaign will be less. At the right time, ad serving in front of the right person is only effective if the ad attracts the person’s attention.

Although data and technology help advertisers provide ads to the right audience, and ensures that their original engagement is affected. It comes on the creative element of all advertising, which should attack the right path with the viewer.

But are the brands being ignored by the loss of creative campaigns?

Creative, but not for that

Ed Tech is getting very modern while companies and brands are working hard to work with publishers to improve the benefits of data in the world after GDPP.

However, as technology becomes more accessible, a real view of the difference is the quality of the ad because it consist of combinations of human factors, including the most important, unique creative minds.

But this is not creative for its big hell. The purpose of the best advertising creative brand is its main goal – to get through the campaign – with the knowledge of the target audience deeply, to make sure it really resonates.

If you do not have an account yet, register now! You have already been wrong about this blog. It should not be a matter of thinking how to get rid of the message in the latest Ed Tech trend because everyone is using it.

To maximize ad effectiveness, ideally it is also essential for the close collaboration between the brand, the media agency, the creative agency and the media owner.

Again, business objectives should be minded to get creatively eagerly, reach the market (data) and ad as quickly as possible and accurately (Ed Tech). This is not an easy task, but it is encouraged to see that the value of close partnerships is being considered in the end.

Open the conversation

With many acquaintances involved, media agencies are kept specifically to take the owner to organize all the elements. As the media landscape is more divided, I feel that it is time to re-engage their plan skills, to enhance the negotiation of Parsi party which is seen by technology. Any element of complicated advertising spectrum should not be mandatory, but business purpose and ad should be creative focus.

After all, brands need to make big ads inspired by the creative. In fact, in a rapidly stored world, in which we live, it is not more important to target the responses required by target users.

Therefore, must be creative in creative, successfully measure marketing successfully by means of a dimensional yardist instead of verifying authentication. Each campaign has its own goal, and should be involved in all parties who work closely on the strategy for measuring it.