CES 2019: No batteries required; Matrix PowerWatch 2 is powered by the sun and your body heat

Wearables provide a vast amount of health and fitness data, but gaps exist in this data collection process when they are on the charger. The new Matrix PowerWatch 2 never needs charging as your body heat and solar power keep it charged up.

One of the primary reasons I keep using a Garmin Fenix 5 Plusis the long battery life of more than a week. The Apple Watch Series 4 also has good battery life for a high-powered smartwatch, but it needs to be charged every day or two.

The Matrix PowerWatch 2 runs on thermoelectric and solar cell technology and as hot as I run it may not matter than I live in the cloudy Pacific Northwest where solar power is not as prevalent as it is in southern locations. The first PowerWatch also used thermoelectric technology with solar charging capability added to this new model Read more.

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