Chemistry Lab Safety Rules

Whenever you are in the lab, there are certain rules that must be observed. The lab is not an ordinary classroom. There are some volatile and harmful chemicals and fires that one must be aware of in order to stay safe. There are also some certain precautions that should be observed to make sure that we do not cause harm to ourselves and those around us. These are some of the chemistry lab safety rules that you should observe, which are also available in online sites for chemistry.

  1. Always ensure that there is a chemistry lab technician or instructor whenever you are in the lab. This will ensure that you have guidance before doing anything in the lab that you are not sure of.
  2. In the event of an accident, report immediately to the lab technician or your instructor. Any breakage of glass, leaks should all be reported.
  3. Ensure that all pathways, entry ways and exits are clear in the event of an accident. Do not block these places with books, bags or chairs. This will ensure that in the event of an accident, people can get to a safe area as fast as possible.
  4. If you have long hair, tie it up or keep it away as it might catch fire or block your view. You risk it getting in contact with harmful chemicals.
  5. Wear suitable clothes. Loose clothing that is not secured could also be prone to catching fire or getting in contact with harmful chemicals.
  6. Do not touch or handle any chemicals without instruction from the lab technician or instructor. Do not taste or smell any chemicals.
  7. When handling chemicals especially in test tubes do not point them directly at your face or another student. Also never look into the test tube unless the lab technician has instructed you to smell it or look into it.
  8. Do not attempt to do any experiments in the lab without the exclusive authorization or supervision of a lab technician. Any unauthorized procedures could lead to serious accidents which could have been avoided.
  9. Ensure that you leave your work space clean. Keep off all solid items out of the sink and clean up once you are done with your experiments.
  10. Avoid playing games in the laboratory such as running or throwing things at each other. Such activities can lead to accidents in the lab.
  11. Always wear a lab coat and safety glasses whenever in the lab. This will ensure that you stay safe and shield yourself from any accidents that may occur.
  12. Ensure that you wear closed shoes when you are in the lab. This will keep you safe from any spills such as harmful chemicals that could damage your foot.
  13. Always ensure that you dispose off waste properly and at the right time. Seek help from the lab technician or your instructor on how to dispose waste if you are not sure on what to do.
  14. Make sure you wash your hands before you leave the lab.
  15. Do not remove any equipment or lab material from the lab. All lab equipment should be kept in the lab.
  16. Do not use your mouth to transfer any volatile liquids.
  17. Ensure you read all the safety precautions before using the chemistry lab.

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