Convert MBOX to PST with SysTools MBOX Converter

Find a surprisingly fast MBOX Converter and convert MBOX to PST with precision without any loss of data.

Email – The backbone of communication in this modern era. And with it comes Email Migration – The continuous cycle of switching from one email client to another in search of more efficiency, superior features, and higher productivity. Sounds simple enough! But is it easy to achieve? Of course not. Reason? Loss of data.

Data Loss is an important factor that haunts everyone from your average user to the biggest of organizations. Of course, wherever there is loss, there is recovery, but why go for recovery when you can prevent the cause altogether?
That is exactly SysTools aimed for when developing MBOX Converter. It covers the most sought email migration i.e., MBOX email clients to Outlook.

What are MBOX email clients?

To answer that, one first requires to know what exactly is MBOX. MBOX is a file format, actually the most common file format used by numerous email applications to store their data. This list of email clients includes some of the giants like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, etc.

And of course who doesn’t know MS Outlook – the dominator among desktop email applications with a wide variety of features serving an ever-growing large audience. One thing to note here is that Outlook uses PST format for storing its mailbox items.

How do I convert MBOX to PST?

Directly? No way! Indirectly? Maybe, but that requires a considerable amount of time and effort for the average user. And not to forget the risk factor revolving around data loss. Good news is, there is one solution available i.e, SysTools MBOX Converter.

Doesn’t matter if the email application is Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or some other MBOX/MBX/MBS supported client. They can all be converted to Outlook PST format without going through the usual complicated steps. Note that the software is available as a free version and full version on both Windows & Mac platforms.

How does the MBOX Converter work?

What it does as a whole is to analyze the entire MBOX file for emails and attachments, generate previews of each of them and then use advanced but accurate algorithms to convert MBOX to PST.

Tested for perseverance, the software has the capability exceeding conversion of 20TB of mailbox items in one sitting. That’s a lot of emails!

The first task is to download and install the SysTools MBOX Converter. Once done, simply launch the software. You will be provided with Add File option, click on it.

Next, a list of Emails will be presented along with MBOX Files option. Choose from the email clients for automatic detection of mailbox items. Otherwise, go for MBOX Files option if you know its location.

A complete preview of entire mailbox items will be presented before you in eight different formats. Analyze what you want and click on Export

Finally, we are in the Export Options window. Here, you can choose to Export only selected items or entire MBOX files as per convenience. The right panel displays multiple file formats other than the Outlook PST (Yes, the software is not limited to convert MBOX to PST, but supports EML, NSF, MSG, HTML too).

Now simply define the location you want to save the resultant PST files in. In case the MBOX files are quite large, you can also choose to split them into multiple PST files with PST Split option. Finally, click on Export and wait for the conversion process to finish. After acknowledgment of process completion, you can find the converted files in the provided destination location.

No Compromise, Only Results!

You’ll be surprised by the amount of attention MBOX Converter gives to each and every detail of email content. The software is not about false promises. It does what it says! Easily convert MBOX to PST without compromising the security and authenticity of data. No usual issues – No nonsense – Just a simple yet powerful solution doing what it does best i.e., convert MBOX files to PST seamlessly.

It has already helped me convert Thunderbird emails to Outlook without any kind of data loss. It is efficient, accurate and is quick to perform the conversion. Even my attachments were spared any kind of worries.
Moreover, it is just so simple to use. Even your average person can use the software without questioning about its working. That’s how self-understanding its interface is.

Version Variants of SysTools MBOX Converter

The free edition of software allows you to convert MBOX to PST with the limitation of 25 emails per folder. But you can convert an unlimited amount of data with the full personal license version. This licensed version also covers 24×7 technical support, free software updates and a lifetime license (pay only once).

A separate license mechanism and support is aimed at small businesses and large enterprise level. But whichever you choose, a 30-day money-back guarantee is available for every product.