Crypto Sector is Boosting Sales for the Compliance Solutions

The year 2018 saw an insane burst of business for the crypto sector. A rather contemporary and more innovative concept of raising money for businesses and projects has been ICOs and STOs. This has been the major reason for an uptick in the crypto business and consequently its value as well. Accordingly, the industry has been responsible for increasing the demand for anti money laundering (AML) compliance solutions.

A major concern for every investor investing in digital currencies is its unregulated nature. This makes cryptocurrency prone to and infamous for fraud and illicit activity. For this reason, many authorities all over the world have been watching and hounding over the crypto companies to adhere to AML and know your customer regulations.

The need for a Digital AML Compliance System

The crypto business has always been notorious for being extremely irregulated and has been on the radar of regulatory agencies for years. This is for the prime reason that it renders a level of anonymity to criminals, who often use it for illegal activities like demanding ransom and money laundering. For this sole purpose, regulations and compliance regulations have been imposed across the crypto world, and rightfully so.

To address the situation, over the years, a lot of SaaS providers have cropped up that are offering anti money laundering compliance solutions to businesses. Companies are now providing AML compliance along with Know Your Customer verifications that allow the crypto companies to verify their users’ identities. Most of these services use an AI operated software that can verify the users instantly. They use document verification to authenticate a customer’s identity. Their credentials are checked through their ID documents – digitally scanned by the user – which are then verified by the software for any imitations and misinformation.How AML Compliance can help the Crypto Sector


Governing authorities all over the world have been on the case of crypto companies to implement solid compliance measures. This can only improve the situation for the digital currency sector. No legit business likes to be associated with drug traffickers or corrupt politicians in any way. Compliance measures and identity verifications allow the crypto to keep their practices clean from any illicit activity including money laundering and fraud.

Moreover, an eager adherence to such regulations can only help the crypto industry improve its reputation with all its key stakeholders. It is the perfect chance for them to regain their foothold in the industry and establish a safer environment for investment.

In addition to improving its credit, crypto can also establish a seamless investment procedure for investors. Dealing with fraud, money laundering or any other illegal activity can be an added headache for any company. Implementing compliance procedures can help develop a hassle-free process for companies.

AML compliance and regulations are something nearly every business has to embrace, whether they like to or not. However, with the advanced tech solutions available in the market, it should no longer be a hindrance to a company’s activities, rather welcome assistance to help prevent fraud and illegal activities.

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