Data breaches can sucker-punch you. Prepare to fight back

When a large data infringement reports, there is something that can be lost in noise – the hacking loss causes regular people like you.

Experts focus on the number of people whose record hackers were stolen, or the dependent company had hacked the hack. They are the main questions, but you can be forgiven to think what you have to do with. Can You Really Have Any Person?

According to Consumer Laws, Coffee. That is why criminals against the database have to make identities of other schemes for theft of identity and criminals. This includes the opposite of blocks of 2018, when the latest invaders destroyed millions of Facebook accounts in September, or when Hacker got information from 27 million ticket accounts in May, or hackers against the database 500 million passengers steal information. Property property

When your data is stolen, it is often sold to black market websites, where sinners can buy it and then tell you this.

Eva Velcosz, President of Identity Stolen Resource Society, said, “With Internet invention, we’ve made this Amazon cheat.”

But you do not see the part of this equality. You probably hear data data, and then you later experience the identity of the identity. What’s wrong with someone?

And this year seems to be in violation of serious data violations. We stole payment information from 429,000 British Airlines customers two different points this year, in November, the name of New Ag Consumer Card Hacked and Hackers stole old login information from Reddit in June. Took it Therefore, lawyers say it is necessary that every hack victims should keep in mind that they can be individually mistaken and a plan can be developed. You can not prevent big data violations, and you can steal your identity just a few minutes to stop the criminals.

But if so, what can you do and prevent things from getting worse.

Start with the company that lost your data
It may seem strange, but your first layer protection against identity and other crimes is lost to start with the actual companies or organizations that hacked your data. Organizations that break in hackers, which face the database, pay more value and rise every year. According to an annual report on violation of the annual data by IBM, the cost of installing each data, companies, made an average of $ 3.86 million in 2017. (Our sister site, TechRepublic is a guide to handling leaders.)

Many money goes on for things such as knowing how hackers were able to ban the legal fees to deal with the system and regulations and regulators, to learn frenzy investigations. Some of this goes straight to help you. In the case of issuing credit monitoring and credit card to their customers, companies damaged their loss by harming the cost of stolen funds for more customers.

“You are the first line of defense.”

So when data is infringement or other hack, make sure you benefit from any service offered by a dependent company. For example, after September, someone acquired 2.65 million journalist records in a company called Atomium in September, the Company is offering free credit monitoring services for some patients whose social security number appears. Were.

It can make a call in customer service, but it is worth it to avoid further loss and reject any money that you have already lost.

Identify theft stealing

After violating the data, do not accept and offer a company’s offer of credit monitoring services. You can also freeze your credit and set fraud warnings to keep track of your activity on any credit activity on your credit card and bank accounts. Remember to keep a regular check of your credit report, and follow what you do not see.

Kelly Coleman, executive director of the National Cyber ​​Security Alliance, said, fortunately you are relatively easy to do things on the Internet.

“Many years ago, it was very difficult to do so,” he said. For example, you had to send mail for your credit report. “It’s just one click away.”

Of course, the same Internet technology that allows you to quickly check your bank statement, also makes cybercratrams easy to do their work. Colom said, “I say that there is something unfortunate.”

The number of passport numbers that were stolen in violation of mortar, can not take any action so that they are equal to the credit of the credit to the users. In the past, Vice President of the Settlement of Expert Defect, Michael Bommer said that you can not flag your passport number with the State Department. So if you learn from the Marriott that your passport number was stolen and you would like to keep your passport complete for the corrupt.

The number of passport numbers that were stolen in violation of mortar, can not take any action so that they are equal to the credit of the credit to the users. In the past, Vice President of the Settlement of Expert Defect, Michael Bommer said that you can not flag your passport number with the State Department. So if you learn from the Marriott that your passport number was stolen and you want to keep your passport complete for corruption – you can consider your current passport location.

You can also avoid understanding your social media. With lots of information about you, you have to walk on the black bars of the Internet, share things normally that brings you a larger picture, just make it easier to steal your identity.

This can include things to share with your dog, if your dog’s name is also the answer to your bank’s security question. (A better solution, of course, is to avoid security queries using different techniques to verify your identity, but not every online service offers this option.)

To limit the damage affected by yourself, change your privacy settings. Just add your social media messages to friends. Or, if you have a public profile, consider having a slight rotation. Remember that criminals can check your timeline.

“This is a company that provides identity protection services including the monitoring of black web markets for personal information, this is the most privileged of your data,” said Dr Laurel, chief technology officer of EZShield. in.

“You are your first line defense,” said Launch.

Learn different identities

Identity is not just the case when a person opens a new credit card in your name and goes to the city.

It can also include a medical identification steal when someone else uses your insurance benefits. According to the US Federal Trade Commission, it can affect your future medical treatment rather than changing your medical records, but also your credit report if you do not get any other bill for any other treatment. If so, you can get it under your name.

Medical identification stolen signals are bill to treat you that you have not received or are not calls by collective agencies about their charges. The FTC is recommended to describe the benefits and to monitor all the care described in your medical records.

“With the Internet invention, we’ve made this Amazon for cheating.”

Eva Velcozs, President of the Identity Stolen Resource Society
Criminal can also try to steal your government benefits, social security payments, previous benefits or tax returns. You can receive alerts from government agencies when new accounts will be opened in your name, or your personal information will change. Therefore, these agencies are required to open and read any mail.

Schemers also use theft personal information]

The second way of infringing data can reach you down to the line by the scanners. The best defense against you is to keep your head.

In an effort to sound more legally, skimmers can use real information about your demands to make money more reliable.

In July, internet users threatened emails from offenders. We hacked your computer and captured your embarrassing pictures, they told their victims. Now we pay in Bactoku or we will send photos to our family and friends.

They were originally to appear, he also added the recipient’s real password to the e-mail.

Apart from this, the schemes were stealing their victims, and they did not hesitate to hack them at all. More likely, he has bought a big batch of stolen passwords from online black markets. He helped promote the danger that victims are more reliable.

It may be difficult, but when you receive a dangerous email or phone call, ask for money that is convinced, the best answer is that one step back in this situation and review the situation again. Short-term lines – Or do not you pay a threat or police to arrest or threaten you – signs that you are using pressure strategy to pay before using pressure tactics. Is.

But if you find that you are suffering from a scheme, do not be embarrassed. Place your maintenance plan in place. The first step is a little compassion for yourself.

Wellscose from the Identity Stolen Society Society said “Smart people fall for a ghost.” “They are indeed, and it can be with someone.”

Any type of identity can be said to be stolen.