Dear Tech CEOs, Prepare to be Public

We now live in a period where truth and transparency wins on development and secrets. Tech companies should decide to be the maximum number of open books.
It is estimated that 4.2 billion people access the internet. Use Facebook from 2.2b of them, 2B + Android, 1.8B + YouTube, 1B + Instagram. And runs on the list. This is about 50% of the connected world! It is appropriate to say that tech companies have accessed the countries today. Nevertheless, we know very little about how most companies work, what they stand and their leaders.

Now, Tech CA has public figures since one day. And as long as there are checks and balances for government agencies and mechanisms for transparency under the freedom of information, it is not accurate for Tech Tech stores. We only find things after breaking; or expose.

In the last few months, we have learned that our personal information is being stolen (for example) or exploitation (for example Facebook – Cambridge analysis), we can not trust the information we receive. (Take on fake news on social media) that the largest companies in the world are isolated algorithms back, that the patient’s life was threatened by the blood test (Theros). In the last week we saw a painful story about how many years Google’s completely damaged by harassment charges. And, unfortunately, the list continues.

As long as serious mistakes are being done, I get an opportunity to build good ideas for tech companies and take responsibility for them. Performance is not quality; When development is so early, it is bound to break things. But it’s not how you fall, how do you understand how to explain it. Really misrepresenting user’s use of unreasonable misuse.

As Mark Benevev said in the Global Economic Forum: “What is the most important thing in your company – is it trusted or it’s progress? If we trust the trump, we’re in trouble … It is important to choose what is important to you. We are in a new world … and better trust the number. ”

Here are some steps that the company can assure that this confidence will make sure:

Be honest (especially for yourself) – In many cases Tech companies are emphasizing its limit. Be careful in the process of convincing people to buy at your point of view, and you will meet them. Take your board of directors, consultants, and your own team to keep you honest and transparent about it and it is not happening yet.

The world knows who you are and what is your position for: this is a private and second that they are absent. When you run companies that affect millions of people’s lives, you want to trust the public not just your company but also you. Saty Nadilla improved microsoft. He opened a new chapter where there will be cloud and mobile kings and he also reformed the culture of the company by setting a sympathy. He also published a book, Hit Refresh, addressing his plan for the company and has given us an insight about the issues related to its principals by which they will run the company. .

3. Create a culture that honors transparency.

Open internally – it’s not just to improve performance but also to create internal confidence. Facebook and twitter users have to make a platform for eliminating the contest and again in ‘whole life’ due to transparency and confidentiality as a user’s privacy struggling. A positive strategy is to shopify, which went up and forth: “The only restriction from any slave” that we are not legally allowed to participate – is to catch everything. ”
Tell the truth to the people within the company and report that if something is not working or wrong. Not together “go to the culture as well”. Keep a system that can sound all the sounds – and talk to them. For example, Kim Scott (author of radical cancer) mentions the manager’s strategy in the Abbottabad office, which will leave a closed serious box near the office bathroom where people can leave important questions. Later he had a lot of things in his meetings – to prove that to unlock this box, he did not modify his content – enemy questions and all. ”
Secure work environment. More companies should follow the Microsoft Standards and End-Agreements Agreement to harass and promote sexual discrimination.
4. Fire for rent and values ​​- Skills and mission align out, make sure your horses make good decisions and do not make mistakes – even when nobody is watching. Every person on your team represents your company and whatever they do return to you (even if there are activities outside the office). If you behave badly, do not step in and take immediate action. Netflix dismissed its top communication executive to use unusual language and possible.

5: Share what you know, even if you:

There is still homework: It took 5 days for the public to take full responsibility after talks with Facebook leaders that 50 million user accounts have been considered by Cambridge Analyzer. The delay in the company needed time to get all the facts. This silence was greatly damaged by the company’s good work.
Surprised to wonder: Before the start of this month, how Google did not reveal a software mess with Google+, out of which developers accessed 500,000 users’ personal data. This company discovered the incident in March this year, internally investigated and concludes that this incident could not be found to inform consumers to meet internally. In addition, the company was advised by internal lawyers that “it was not legally required to show public the incident”. Though the process sounds, Google’s decision did not make the public good and the company gave a black eye on privacy.
Already passed (or error): There will be errors. When they do, their master, what you learned and how you will fix it. A few month back, Peterson set up a new pricing structure that separated the needs of the larger parts of our customers. The company did not just shine on it; instead, he asked for apology and indicated deeply about what was affected and why. He also promised that join the community with modified modifications.
6. Finally, clay and repeat – practically search for areas where your company may improve and find the holes. Fix it before it crashes.

I am a big believer in effect technology and tech companies. But we must be different, and better. The biggest obstacle to us is itself.

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