E-commerce sellers seek porting of their ratings


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New Delhi: The retailers of online retail platforms have recently stressed the interoperability of their review and rating after the recently unauthorized draft e-commerce policy.

Smaller sellers will help to avoid discrimination by large e-commerce companies, he said, as positive reviews and ratings on online platforms indicate more customers with a helper and Try to sell better. Many sales groups across the country have accused e-commerce teeth that some big sellers have to trust their platforms, because of which due to this, small people are often defamed.

“We spend a lot of money on promotion of platforms, including Facebook and Insurgent, to improve our ranking,” a seller of Ahmedabad said. “Sometimes, we also spend sponsored ads on e-commerce sites in better places. But for any reason, we do business on this platform and change another, we rank them Want to lose and want to search from scratch to start. It prevents many of us from switching to other e-commerce sites. ”

The seller said that the portfolio of reviews and ratings of port-selling portals in online markets would provide them with a level field. Some also complain about false user rating on eCommerce platforms that are often used to mislead customers.

While Consumer Data Portable has released personal data protein bills in the last month, the Scrrrr Committee of Justice, which has taken a lot of loan from the e-commerce policy draft, the seller said that they still have reviews and ratings of their sites. Do not own Big email.

A industry spokesperson for the All India Online Vendors Association said, “This industry works on trust. Many times, honest sellers face unnecessary use of new entrants or fraudulent sellers.” “Aviva has about 3,500 sellers who do business on online markets.

Consequently, seller groups emphasize neutral ratings and are reviewing the platform on the lines of India’s credit information agency, which can be part of e-commerce sites. According to Aviva’s spokesperson, “Cross platform users and even small markets will be a pleasant move to approve merchant, which can cost them less set up for sellers’ low-cost offer.”

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