Earth Overshoot Day: Humans are using Earth’s resources faster than ever, group warns

Earth Overshoot Day: Humans are using Earth’s resources faster than ever, group warns

A Hong Kongbad has been deposited in the Times Square in New York, and has since been hovering and flowing over the heads of tourists and workers.

Never mind that the birds are delivered by the Jumbo screen – the purpose of capturing is to focus on the nature of human nature in nature. Screenshots: “The time since the time of trip is August 1 … because we are the only land … # MoveTheDate.”

Global Footprint Network Creates Environmental Nonprofit, Earth’s Day Day Estimates the point when humanity has naturally used natural resources and has made more waste over the earth or in a year. Can safely absorb. This date has been announced that the date of 1 year may be counted for ten years at any time, and there is a high risk of gathering a warning, especially, greenhouse gases.

“In the United States of America the fire is looking at the California-based Global Footprint Network, CEO of Oakland, Math Weekly said that in the other parts of the world, Cape Town residents watered half of the water from 2015 Consumption was hit. “There are consequences of eliminating the environmental budget of one of our planet’s only ones.”

The electronic billboard campaign in Tim Square – with the latest pictures of the Hibacks opening from the famous slow-motion motion-film filming, Louis Shortberbur – will be followed by a YouTube and a live live live on July and August 31. Environmental leaders will be featured with the live video feed. Worldwide, including the UN, World Wildlife Fund, Earth Day Network and others.

The atmosphere of visualization on the ground is designed to bring immediate environmental problems, which may take place in time and time. Its purpose keeps in touch with the carbon dioxide surfaces to keep the citizens and decision makers in touch, especially those who do not live in the coast flood zones or live in a more frequent and comfortable storm. Are there

How is the journey to Orthodox?

When the first handwriting account was announced in 2006, it was found that the Earth used one year’s worth of resources by October 9. According to the history of the Global Footprint Network, the United Nations, the International Energy Agency, and the data set on internationally internationally. Change between others These estimates of production and sea coast, land of the lamp, agriculture and fishing fields are described in internationally known hackers. This measure (approximately one acre) is to be a standard unit, which offers average production, which may be broader to represent the overall “biopathy” of the Earth.

Researchers point out the demand again: According to the ability of forest to absorb carbon dioxide absorbency of groundwater, the need for crops, livestock and fish, wood and space is needed for the development of citizens. This difference represents the overshoot between “environmental effects” and the biopathy of the earth.

August 1 has announced this year, for the last five months of the year, humanity is ending natural resources. Another method has been framed, it will take 1.7 lands to provide 7.6 billion people of the earth for the necessary resources for backwardness and retention for one year.

The Global Footprint Network also calculates biotechnology and environmental impact at the national level, giving a look at how much the country is living more than its own resources. For example, it appears that there is 3.6 hectares of biopathy in the United States, but average consumption is 8.4 hectares per person, which means Americans are facing 4.8 hectares per kilogram. The population of 317 million is open throughout the country, which uses all its population resources till the country of March 15. In order to continue using at the current level of uncertainty, the United States will need five ground resources.

It is fast with nations that are small industries and relatively few cars and trucks and often quite wild, who pump in oxygen back into the binosaurs. So in the northern part of South America, the Syrian name, biopathy of 97 hectares in each, has 496,000 inhabitants using only 2.7 hectares, which is average annual. So 94.6 hectares of storage in small country is “reserve”. Because the construction is ideological only, though, ceramic can not pump other countries into an environment before avoiding excess carbon dioxide. And he has made extra exports of wood and equipment that other countries can not afford to grow on their own production.

Andrew Symms, a progressive British political economist, had thought, said that it is important to show how culture remains out of their resources. “Most countries, especially, on the basis of the larger ground, Samm said, they enjoy enjoying their lifestyle.” Wackernagel said his group uses conservative data and if anything is less, the influence of humanity on the planet is less.


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