Easy Home Grand Senior Wider is a great feature for senior citizens since the start of home-defense technology startup. The phone has developed a stroke design and has front keys in front of an alpha-numeric keyboard, it is easy to use 2.3-inch horizontal screen. Screen Numbers’ Large font size makes it easier for other features to read details than phones. The phone is a plastic construction that makes light and comfortable.

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Easy Field Grand Game volume adjustment, LED torch, phone lock and dedicated keys to unlock. It also features a break-in custom key key. Volume adjustment keys feature regular presses to run the design, while the LED Torch and Lock / Proudly disable the slider mechanism that makes them easy to use.
This is a feature that enhances better facilities for senior citizens. The phone comes bundled with a pad charger, which does not have any effort to charge you on the phone. The immigrant phone stand reminder, the priest allows the users to charge on the phone by keeping the instrument’s sole position on the priesthood. Double phone as a phone phone also has a different feature of EasyFone Grand.

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This is another special feature of EasyFone Grand. The phone comes with a special audio bundle that enhances the audio. The important thing is, this anger not only voices of earphone phones but also supports sound sounds, such as close or television sound. Although the earphones use the main module to increase the phone, they reach massively to improve the sound quality, to make the elders better enough to listen around them.
The Easy Field Grand has a dedicated SEO key, which runs a serial and when the message sends a message for emergency contact.

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The price of Rs 3,990 is a most exclusive feature for easy-to-face Grand citizens. Unlike such other devices, EasyFone Grande offers more than a key digital keyboard and key key to the SOS. Keyboard and SUO key as well as features of pedal stand and special earphones, it proves true to claim a phone ready for senior citizens.

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