ERP Trends to watch out for in Future

With 2019 well into place, it’s time to do a quick round of ERP trends which is foreseeable in the future. ERP has carved a niche for itself in the market and the adoption isn’t showing any downtime even further. The previous year marked a stellar performance of ERP such as SAP Business One reaching over 70,000 milestones. Just like the previous year, this year seems promising for the ERP industry and we expect to see how the future unfolds for ERP.

So, let’s get started and see some ERP trends we would witness in the future.

SMEs continue to adopt ERP on a major scale

In the near future, expect to see some huge numbers of SMEs investing in ERP. This is because small and medium size enterprises have already realized the benefits of ERP software and how it can empower their organizations in one way or another. This is an era of digitization where legacy or homegrown solution won’t work longer and SMBs have also realized the fact. Once limited to large-scale businesses, ERP is becoming more affordable and one of the desired software to fulfill the requirements of SMBs.

IoT is in

Do you believe (IoT) is just talk of the passé? You may want to contemplate again. As per Gartner, IoT endpoints and spending on advanced analytics will increase by double-digit rates in 2019.  IoT enables businesses to gather useful metrics and other pertinent insights with great precision.  But to gain the maximum benefit of the IT trends, it needs to be in line with your ERP software.

When you integrate IoT functionality with ERP, then you can have the best of both worlds. With IoT enabled software, you can be in a win-win situation. For instance, with ERP you can have real time insights on manufacturing costs, production formulas, and make business decisions at the drop of the hat. Further, with IoT, this level of intelligence can be intensified further and help business users, project managers, sales managers to mitigate production, inventory, sales or financial flaws to a great extent. This kind of visibility we are going to witness in the not so distant future.

Cloud ERP Continue to Accelerate

Just like the previous one, this year also we are most likely be witnessing the Cloud ERP gaining its high momentum. Cloud solutions are best in this regard as they give pay-as-you-go option and no major investment is required in terms of maintenance and infrastructure. Further, cloud options are best in the sense as they free your business to have dedicated servers and IT team in place, These all benefits sum up the importance of Cloud ERP for added flexibility, security and performance.

Focus on Compliance

This year will witness a great spur for businesses prioritizing compliance and security above all. However, many SAP implementation services partners are keeping up with enhanced encryption, and strict compliance and regulations to protect your business from falling into cracks.

ERP is gradually getting ingrained in our business and is now more capable, secure, safe and scalable. Still, some businesses are hesitant to embark on ERP journey. The fact is that SAP Business One is GST compliant and always keep itself innovating it with chatbots and other version making it more capable and enterprise-ready software that meets the varied demands of customers.

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