Essay Writing on Gaming Addiction

Writing an essay on gaming addiction is not easy both for those who’ve experienced it and for those who hardly understand how games can be addictive. This subject lies between psychology, physiology and computer science. Such a combination makes it even more challenging to deal with the topic in question. We’ve asked professional academic writers from to share some valuable tips on how to write a stellar essay on gaming addiction, which sides to cover, etc. Let’s take a closer look at their set of tips.

Pay Attention to the Latest News

At the end of last year, it became known that the World Health Organization (WHO) wants to recognize the gambling addiction as a mental illness, thereby putting an end to the endless debate on this topic. And just recently the updated International Classification of Diseases was published, in which among other diseases there is a “gaming disorder.” When diagnosing this disease, the doctor in the appropriate column of the medical record will put the classifier code 6C51.

Describe Addiction as a Disease

The WHO identifies several characteristic features that can be considered a sufficient basis for establishing the patient’s diagnosis of “game dependence”:


  • Loss of control over the game (aggressiveness, the frequency of gaming sessions, the degree of involvement, duration, disconnection from the real world, etc.);
  • Assigning games a higher priority over other important life values  and daily activities;
  • Passion towards and abuse of the game, despite the appearance of negative consequences.


Such behavior, as noted by WHO, is a severe problem and certainly leads to a significant deterioration in personal, family, social, educational, professional or other vital areas of human life.


The WHO notes that the nature of the disease may be continuous, episodic or repetitive.

Confirmation of the diagnosis requires constant monitoring by specialists for one year, although if the symptoms are obvious and serious, and all diagnostic recommendations are followed, the required observation period may be shortened.


Interestingly, in the WHO classification, play disorder is adjacent to diseases caused by the use of psychoactive substances like alcohol and drugs (6C4).

Use Valid Academic Sources as References

Despite the fact that gaming addiction is a very modern, up-to-date topic, there are lots of experiments and research papers related to it online. You are supposed to use them as sources for your academic paper, not some links to blogs, forums, etc. Students often make this mistake, thinking that writing about cyberspace is less serious than writing about management or biology. Your professor expects you to read and analyze a significant amount of legit academic sources and transform this experience and knowledge into a stellar paper. Make sure to pay attention to formatting. To make things easier, you can use a citation generator which supports the latest updates of MLA and APA manuals. To save time and not be in a hurry with formatting, we advise putting references and in-text citations in a correct form immediately after you use them.

Proofreading Is a Must

No matter which topic you cover, you need to leave enough time to proofread your final draft several times. First of all, make technical proofreading — use Grammarly or any other grammar checker you can find online. Of course, paid versions are better, but if you don’t want to pay for it now, use several free checkers, and they will spot different mistakes. Later make a manual check to find more complex problems and adjust your writing accordingly. Finish your proofreading reading your paper aloud to get rid of too long sentences and awkward phrases. It will be great if after this you do a technical grammar check one more time because editing always leaves space for omissions.

If you are not sure you have enough time or energy to write a stellar essay on gaming addiction on your own, you can address a reliable paper writing service to do it for you. If you are working on a serious academic paper, like a term paper or research proposal, you can order the most boring and time-consuming parts online and write the rest of the paper on your own. Make sure you are concentrated on your major goal — dealing with all the classes at the needed level of performance and graduating without trouble and on time.

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