European Union to Google: Stop forcing your own apps on Android phone makers

As a result of the European finals, the CEO of the company, over $ 5 billion, claimed Google’s claim of violations to the company’s blog that it could mean that Android phones and Tablets have high prices, because Google uses its pre-installed apps. To subscribe to the distribution for Android. The EU claims that Google stabilizes competing apps, operating systems, and manufacturers.

How much is $ 5 billion on Google?

While Google and its parent company Alpha make a billion dollars a year, representing a large part of the alphabetic net income in the European Union, in which you have left after the expense.

In 2017, the alphabet recorded a record $ 6.8 billion in net income, if you do not charge $ 3 billion once. If you do, then the actual net profit for the last year is more. The alphabet’s total income was $ 110.8 billion in the financial year 2017.

This is a relatively thin substance, but such things can represent large re-investment instead of head. Amazon reports regular quarterly losses, but the market confidence is strong because this company is known to accurately develop its products. Therefore, do not indicate these losses (at least in the market), that Amazon is struggling to make money.

The upgrade is that, if Google displays heavy investors (and platforms such as duplicates and Google Maps that they are), then these funds can be transferred to pay a fine, but some sacrifices can be made. Is. In this case, Google CEO skeleton pitches say that the price can come up with a price tag for the Android operating system Mobile Application.

Why does Google consider pre-installed apps to counter anti-European?

In its blog position, the clown claims that mobile device manufacturers are free to change Android who loads them in their favorites, and it helps to create an open app environment. Where third-party apps may already be installed.

But the EU says the company still has a set of Google apps, especially the Google Search app and Chrome Web browser. The EU also claimed that Google has paid to some manufacturers to find Google’s search function available on a device. Finally, the EU says Google has “stopped the development of the mobile operating systems” competition, which could otherwise be the rivals.

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The EU presented Amazon fire OS as such a rival. According to EU Commissioner Margit West, Amazon tried to license alternatives in different parts of Android and 2012, but they did not go to the board because the company’s Fire OS did not install Google’s basic apps already. Was it

In the context where the prior installation of the installation is received, you do not want to avoided Google’s legal team. Consequently, only Amazon’s internal home “fire” devices run fire OS, and its firephone came and went away.

It is not difficult to put Safari or iMessage on e-iphone iPhones and iPod because it makes its own ISO devices. There are no third-party manufacturers to compete. It is not obvious how it handle the competing apps, but Apple has allowed iOS users to be able to place a virtual keyboard with a Google pocket keyboard, and Google Maps and Waze are displayed. That Apple comes to Corpel.

The EU has terminated Google for the end of 90 days, which is considered to be the process of competing against it. If Google does not comply, it may lead to further injury or other legal intervention. Intersections can make Android split within the area of ​​additional exhibitions for Android devices.

Took it

The EU has declared a $ 5 billion penalty for terrorist violations, ensuring that the company manufactures illegally competing apps, operating systems, and manufacturers.
Google CEO Singer Patchi said before the applications already installed, the revenue is allowed to remove Android for free, and it is ok to charge for its operating system. Be able to start