The education at primary and middle school builds a foundation for the higher classes. So the CBSE students of class 6th must move ahead with great focus. The syllabus of CBSE and NCERT has been designed in a very thoughtful way. The central government has appointed a team of great intellectuals and subject experts for structuring the syllabus of CBSE. Up to which extent of knowledge a student should acquire in a particular standard, the CBSE has properly taken care of this. So it has been very important for the student to clear all the fundamentals of all subjects to make their study more effective for higher classes.

Subjects of CBSE class 6

There are some basic subjects that every student of class 6th supposed to study. These subjects are listed below:

  • Science

The knowledge of science makes the students aware of the existential truth. The CBSE syllabus of class 6th broadly classified into three parts physics, chemistry, and biology. The chapters of science subjects consist of many topics like food, plants, substances, environment, electricity, light, water, motion, air, etc.

  • Maths

The syllabus of maths subjects mainly consists of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. The chapters of the class 6th cover all the basic knowledge and some advanced problems of these three branches of mathematics. Students can get all the study material online by the search on the internet with the keywords 6th class maths study material CBSE.

  • Social science

The syllabus of Social science subjects mainly consists of history civics and geography. The syllabus of history consists of early man civilization and history of kingdoms. The geography section covers the portions related to the solar system, India, Map, and major landforms. The portion of civics covers all the social and political issues.

  • Hindi and English

The language Hindi and English are considered as the most used language in India. Portions of language can be classified into grammar and literature portion. This subject gives a deeper insight into understanding language.

Source of study material

The best study material is key for better learning. In this modern world of technology, no willing student can be deprived of the right of the best education. The quality of learning is kept enhancing day by day. The educationist has also given importance to relate and implement the bookish knowledge into the real world. The study material provided by the best educationist and teachers is made to develop the fastest grasping ability of the students of primary and middle schools.


The curriculum designed for the Hindi, English, social science and mathematics class 6 is strategized very well. Syllabus made in such a way that students can touch all the important areas without losing their interest in learning. Students should also be aware of proper syllabus and guidelines for focused learning. There are many free sources are available on the internet that provides the best study materials. Students can get benefited from them to understand the complex concept in an interesting way.