EVGA confirms Hydro Copper and Hybrid GeForce RTX 20 cards

EVGA confirms Hydro Copper and Hybrid GeForce RTX 20 cards

At the end of the week, Twitter featured some of the upcoming EVGA brands of picturesholder RTX 20 series liquid cool graphics cards. A few hours ago, EVGA’s Jacob Frank responded with some official relationship with the Hybrid FTW3 and the Hydra copper FTW3 graphics card.

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Shortly after the Nevevia RTX 20 series Launch event, we have launched any host partner card, including a pile from EVS, none of which were hybrid / liquid cool examples. As mentioned in our round-up on August 21, EVGA had uploaded a comprehensive 16 linear line of GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Toyota graphics cards, but now we have the official word that will be too high. (RTX 2080 and RTX). Hybrid FTW3, Hydra Copper FTW3, Hybrid XC, and 2080 TV versions of Hydra-Copper XC).

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As you can expect from photos to possibilities, the Hybrid card is AiO design with a single fan on the card and pre-filled liquid loop. It is EVGA’s own AOO design based on the Asetek Jean 6 Hybrid technology.

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The Vodro Copper FTW3 and the Hydra Copper XC feature a wide water block with custom water blocks and later designed for another compact PCB, reports the videocords.
The last but at least one fan is not the EVGA RTX 20 models line designed to fill the obvious difference in line line. Some people prefer this back-path design, their computer chassis are especially compact or other ventilation / air flu possibilities.

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