Explore the Chief Reasons to Use iPhone 7 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

We know that Apple has come up with relatively sturdier range with the introduction of iPhone 7 Plus. No matter how robust the phablet looks, it is best to use it with an effective and truly-protective tempered glass screen protector for absorbing shocks and resisting undesirable scratches. You must provide your expensive and invaluable iPhone 7 Plus the much-required defense and utmost care.

You must opt for a high-quality tempered glass screen protector for your priceless iPhone 7 Plus. We understand that the 9H hardness would be retaining the typical glass feel of the phone’s original screen. Moreover, the oleophobic coating would be helpful in maintaining a spotless screen minus any sort of oil build-up. You must use a tempered glass screen protector to safeguard your expensive iPhone 7 plus and expose the screen protector to actually take the hit instead of the phone.

As per  iPhone 7 Plus tempered glass “Perhaps the greatest advantage of using a tempered glass screen protector is that the material is thicker and stronger than that of your typical plastic screen protector.


The greatest reason for opting for tempered glass is because it is known to be more long-lasting. The tempered glass screens are 2.5 D hardened so there is no reason to worry about your phone’s display getting damaged by coins and keys in your pocket. Moreover, we know that tempered glass could be resisting scratches from a very sharp and pointed object and is even able to absorb shock if you accidentally drop your iPhone 7 plus thus, offering complete safety to your phone’s display. In the case of extremely severe drops, your tempered glass screen protectors may shatter into smaller pieces, however, there would be no damage to your display.

Better to Touch & Feel

When you touch a tempered glass screen protector, it feels much better than when you touch the traditional plastic screen protectors. Just like the original display, you could easily clean it and remove the entire fingerprint grease. The tempered glass screen protectors do not feel greasy to touch as they come with an oleophobic coating that makes them completely resistant to greasy smudges and fingerprints. The conventional plastic screen protectors would feel very much like plastic and nowhere close to the original display.

Clarity & Sharpness

The tempered glass screen protectors for your iPhone 7 Plus would not be impacting image quality, sharpness, and colors from your display. If you are passionate about watching videos and pictures and enthusiastic about smartphone photography, you must opt for the tempered glass as it does not impact color gamut on the smartphone.


Tempered glass is known to fracture when excessive pressure is applied. However, it never breaks into shards. You must ensure that a tempered glass screen protector has an oleophobic coating, silicone adhesive, and 2.5 D hardened. When you get used to a high-quality tempered glass screen protector, you simply cannot get back to the traditional plastic screen protectors anymore.

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