Facebook hack victims will not get ID theft protection

Facebook hack victims will not get ID theft protection

Facebook has said it will not provide fraud protection for victims of infringement of its latest figures.

On Thursday, he said 14 million users have very personal information about theft by hackers.

It includes information about search history, location statistics and relationships, religion, and more.

However, unlike other major hackers involved in major companies, Facebook said there are no services to protect relevant users.

An analyst told the BBC that the decision is “neutral”.

“These types of information can help develop robbery programs based on social sciences, depending on Facebook Hack victims,” ​​said Patrick Mooredred from the movable invitations and strategy.

Users can see this link so that they know that they are directly affected.


For the most intriguing affected users – a group of about 14 million, Facebook said – “Stolen figures contain” status, gender, local / language, status of status, religion, city, self-notification. The city, birth, device access was accessible. Facebook, education, work, last 10 places they were examined or tagged, websites, people or pages follow, and 15 all Recent searches from “.

Generally, accessible companies like big data violations – such as target 2013 – provide access to credit protection agencies and other methods to reduce identity risk. Other hacked companies, such as PlayStation Networks, and Credit Monitoring Agency EvxX presented similar solutions.

A Facebook spokesperson told the BBC that “at this time” will not take this step. Instead, users will be guided in the section of the website.

“We are pointing out to the people that they are based on the actual types of data through which they can take steps to help protect themselves from suspicious emails, text messages or calls.”

They will not say that the help pages have been updated if a recent violation of the company was discovered.

Break in accounts

Hack was reported on October 5 when Facebook said 50 million users were affected. The company ignored it by “approximately 30 meters” on Thursday.

“We have not made small scale attacks, which we are investigating,” said Guy Rosenz, in the blog post of the Facebook Management of Main Management.

Joseph Lorenzo Hall, chief of the technology for the Center for Democracy and Technology, said that theft figures can be very valuable for hackers.

“I am worried about this, it’s worth breaking into other accounts.”

“If you see a list of data, it’s not a financial data, but there are things that are useful for ‘knowledge-based’ certification, which is necessary to set up accounting.”

He said that Facebook may probably have access to free premiums of password managers and other similar software.

In Europe, hack means that Facebook is worth $ 1.63 billion (£ 1.25bn), it is about 4 percent of its annual global revenue. The drug is being seen as the first major test of the new General Duty Protection Regulation (GDP) which has been imposed in May.

“Today’s update from Facebook is important that it is confirmed that millions of consumers had taken data from the attackers,” the Irish Data Protection Commission wrote on Twitter.

“[Research] continues to break with its responsibilities under GDP and the Facebook Compliance.”

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