Facebook in fresh video metrics row

Facebook in fresh video metrics row

Facebook’s documentation has been claimed, Facebook was misunderstanding as it was estimated that many people had watched the video for more than a long time.

Newly released articles that are part of American legal action against social networks claim that in 2015 it was about the issue.

Facebook described the case as “without merit”.

He said that trying to hide the suggestions “wrong”

In September 2016, Facebook acknowledged that during the last two years he watched more and more video people.

“We told our clients about the mistake when we discovered it – and to update our Help Center to explain this issue,” he said in a statement.

The mistake is called “the average term of Facebook” which was influenced by the Facebook metric, how long it was to publish publishers that people had seen a video.

However, the metric did not include the viewers who had seen the count for more than three years.

Discounts of small ideas – including those who ignored a video in their news feed – increased their average time for every video.

It was criticized for a video count as it was being seen after three seconds.

Video cash

Now, a mosquito small advertiser is speaking Facebook for the fast business process and fraud.

As part of his case, he has seen thousands of internal Facebook records and claims that the company was aware of this issue in 2015.

Madhya Pradesh claims that Facebook Engineering Manager adhere to the advertisement complaints announced before the beginning of 2015, saying “there is no progress on work for one year.”

According to the court, according to the scope, Facebook developed a “No PR” strategy to avoid focusing on fault.

Their case is on the fact that the numbers provided by Facebook mean that the advertisers have more money in their video ads than compared to other platforms.

In response, Facebook said: “This case is without charity and we have submitted these claims to reject the fraud claim.

“We suggest that we are trying to hide the problem in any way that our partners are wrong.”

Facebook is now a break metrics team and allows third parties and experts to review its measurements regularly.

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