Facebook moderator sues over ‘beheading stress’

Facebook moderator sues over ‘beheading stress’

A woman who has monitored the content on Facebook has accumulated the company, which is alleged that she does not safeguard those people who have resulted in anxious mental trauma. Have to fA wace

Centers are “sexual violence”, in which thousands of photographs provide child sexual abuse, violence, goodness and surfaces for children, are accused of legal action.

He said that the social network “failed to provide a safe workplace”.

Facebook said its administrators had access to mental health resources.

The former contract employee in California has been taken legal action by Selena Scola.

He worked on Facebook offices in the Florida-based Processing Company, Pro Unlimited, Pro Unlimited, Legal Action also mentioned under the MoU in Manila Park and Mountain for nine months under a contract through legal proceedings. .

According to his lawyers, he later complained of an inconvenient tension disorder due to the continuous exposure of “extreme toxic and extremely annoying pictures” on the occasion of work.

Legal proceedings say that the “thousands” class action of California and current administrators are likely to take action.

The answer is not yet to answer in response to Facebook’s BBC applications.

The social network has got fire in recent months, how it has been handled with fraudulent news and hate speech on its platform and is committed to employing more wealthy workers.

Currently it has 7,500 reviewers, including full-time employees and contractors.

It also uses artificial intelligence and has said that one of its core preferences is to improve technology so that the surveillance images and videos of unwanted images can be done entirely by machines.

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