Facebook scandal: Who is selling your personal data?

While offering easy parent tips and 200 pound vouchers, Emma’s diary looks like a perfect website to sign up for new parents.

But in exchange of free disadvantages, they also agreed for their data to be used for the purpose of advertising purposes.

Now it has emerged that the data was sold in the Labor Party in 2017, although the consent was not in political parties.

The site is fine for misuse of personal data.

This is a part of the inquiry into the political digital marketing information commissioner after the Cambridge Analysis Statistics Scandal.

What happened with a look at the wrong use of Facebook data has now opened the window on the complex ecosystem of advertising advertising and has put light on the unexpected world of data brokerage.

What is a data broker?
The data is described as “new oil” and data brokers play an important role in extracting their personal information from all their forms.

He collects hundreds of sources including sensor information, survey, public record and loyal card program.

Then they sell this outfit to other organizations.

Facebook UK’s data watch is £ 500,000 fine
Emma’s Diar Labor is okay to sell new member data
A researcher wrote about the role of data brokers in 2014, as the whole industry described as “a large number of hidden”.

This is an industry whose history is illegal, but in the European Union, the General Data Processing Regulation (GDP) has been introduced that “data controllers” should be more upset to ensure that How users are using their information.

Who are the big players?
Acxiom and experts are probably potential data brokers – and they earn a lot of money.

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Experts had partnered with Facebook
In the 2018 fiscal year, Acxiom is estimated to be around $ 95 million (71 million pounds) and recently the media advertising wall was purchased by IPG.

But there are thousands of small players in this industry, with apps and websites, who sign up for a goal, to request their data to be satisfied, after which advertisers are sold. Is.

As part of its inquiry, Information Commissioner Office (IOC) investigated experts, Life Marketing (Ema’s diary owners), CACI and Data 8.

How are they involved in the Facebook scandal?
Digital campaign is now very important for political parties. This includes diving in most complex relationships with data brokers and data analytics firms.

There were three data broker partners in the Facebook case – with Oxxom, Experts and Oracle Data Cloud. He targeted the audience by gender, location, interests, and behavior by political parties and also offered services to its partners, which allows advertisers to look at the information set by the data brokers. Allowed to put

This figure allowed political parties to improve their targeting, such information is whether a person owns their own home, whether they want to buy a new vehicle or they are a specific brand Were loyal customers

For example, a similar match that wants to target new mothers can use information about people from data brokers who recently bought baby products using store reward cards.

Facebook has just said that it will eliminate the process of consumers’ Facebook data about their families, financial and health, with their offline data about lifestyle. Was one of the main methods used to connect to the data.

What next
Privacy International has described the size and scale of the ICO’s investigation as a ‘brainwriter’.

“It shows that data exploitation is fast and organized. It exits Facebook, or is a unique company.”

“The entire industry is now feeling decisive nervous,” said Paul Wright, executive executive of Digital Advertising Platform.

“I think it was fair that the digital marketing industry has introduced GDP and this association inquiry will be remembered by the GDDR R, which we have a regulator who is a teeth, Industry. ”

Sharial Flagyard co-partner Gairath Paranelal, it thinks that the ICO investigation will force the emma diary to re-create websites for re-setting their privacy policies.

“The IOC believes that it is not enough for a web site to sign up and use your data, if it is never clear that it can be shared with political parties. Is.

“It will no longer be acceptable when people sign the web site for a particular purpose, and then they will reuse the data for a different purpose,” he told the BBC.

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