Facebook’s Oculus Quest is latest attempt to make VR popular

Facebook’s Oculus Quest is latest attempt to make VR popular

The Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that this device will offer VR experiences before a device connects to a powerful PC.

It will be released at $ 399 in spring 2019.

In a ceremony at San Jose, Mr. Zuckerberg said he was behind his target to get “one billion people” using VR.

He joked the attendants that he had achieved more than 1% of the purpose, which established this incident on this year.

Industry analysts have warned about the reduction in virtual sales instruments.

From IDC to Brian Mine, “clearly the VR industry has struggled to overcome the earth.” “This year, we expect 23% contract to transfer the headset.
Chicken and eggs
However, Mama has noted that many of this reduction are thankful for some companies – such as Samsung – to provide insights that sell smartphones using the headphones to provide insight.

He said that modern things like Oscars Quest had added – it was more exciting.


“But if the price was just a barrier, many more units would be done.”

Facebook released as a budget-style headset last year in October, costing $ 199. According to Supadata, it estimated 289,000 units between 2018 and 2018.

Mr Ma said “The big problem is content.”

“Hopefully Oculus Quest helps cope with half the chicken and egg problem, especially with the benefit of the performance of the rifle.”

Facebook announces many content issues with a special VR series based on NBA, YouTube and Star Wars Franchise, which was developed by British Special Effects Studio, ILMxLab.

The Oculus Quest works with two hand controllers, and the internal construction sensor means that the wearer has six degrees of freedom. This term is how a person is able to move physically virtual reality into the world. In addition to keeping your head visible and moving down, and keeping six degrees on the left and right, it means that moving high and low means moving or lowering it. Gaming gives the ability to independence, six degrees, for example, on the back of the objects on the groundges or disturbances.

Facebook said Oculus Quest can also track around you, as long as you can walk around 400 square feet.

The firm will continue to sell its PC-related Oculus Rift, and that the device will “push the boundary boundaries to the extent possible”.

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