Facing Digitalization: Top Animation Tools and Software For 2019

Various forms of animated content have been used in the entertainment industry but in the present time, the use of animation and videos is observed in digital marketing campaigns. This occurrence happened after more and more businesses began to resort to the internet and multiple other online platforms to gain global recognition.

Since video and animation is the most engaging and entertainment form of digital media, businesses, and brands of every scale and sort are relying on video company services to acquire quality branding content for themselves. If you have understood the importance of animation in today’s age and you hold the passion to create contemporary animations then we have the right list of tools for you.


Developed to be a cross-platform 2D animation tool, Pencil2D lets you draw in the software itself and then you can turn your drawing into an animation. You can even transform your hand-drawn drawing into animation with Pencil2D. Whether you are a Windows user, a Linux user or you have a Mac, this tool is compatible with all three of these OS platforms. Being both free and having a lightweight interface, you can easily animate your drawing using this software’s vector and raster formats.

Synfig Studio

Another free animation tool, Synfig Studio is both a cross-platform and open source software for 3D animation. It might be complex to use at first and one could face difficulties in getting a grip on its tools and features but it contains numerous great tools that many free animation programs do not have. Its main features include a vector tweening tool that lets you change forms of vector shapes. The layers and filters are extensive as you can choose from a collection of over 50 layers. Overall, it might have complex usability but it offers a diversified animation creation environment.

Moho 2D Animation Software

Available in two formats, Debut and Pro, Moho is another 2D animation software that is based on vector graphics. If you have just started out in the field of animation then it is recommended to resort to the Debut version or else if you are capable of creating professional-level animations then the Pro version is the right fit for you. The price of Moho starts from $69.99 and extends to $399.99 for the advanced program. Moho lets you work with a character wizard that forms the proportions and design objects for you. You can even import visuals or files of your choice and animate accordingly.

CrazyTalk Animator

Being more on the costlier side its cost starts from $69 to $299. However, CrazyTalk Animator is a great find if you want to render 2D animations with less the effort. Whether it is an image or a logo, you can turn it into animation without any hassle. You can begin with creating a 2D character and later on once you are done, you can animate your character using editing and animation tools. If you have a PSD file that you want to animate then that can be done with CrazyTalk Animator as well. Another unique feature is the creation of sprites with talking heads and auto lip-syncing options.

TVPaint Animation

Animators have always criticized the absence of easier and simpler accessibility in animation tools but TVPaint Animation has eliminated this shortcoming. You can now render graphic art into an animated format using editing tools provided by this software. However, this might be the most expensive option out of all the tools we have mentioned but it is worth it. Costing $590, you are getting a full-fledged video editing, animation and rendering package of unique tools and features. However, a trial version is also available for you to try out the features beforehand.

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