Fine custom pillow boxes

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Curved, shinny; rigid pillow boxes are available on best rates. Get beautiful, quality pillow boxes on wholesale from the packaging industry experts. You will get pillow boxes as per your customization of color, size and finishing. Get your custom pillow boxes of high quality on best minimum rates, reduce your packaging cost!


Pillow boxes are new modern shaped boxes, by reading their name. The first thing came into mind is it might be the boxes for pillows etc. But this pillow boxes are actually of pillow shapes, its design like that and you can put your product, gifts or any item in it.

The pillow boxes are not for too large products, they are used to put small products. They are now a day very trendy as they give very unique design touch and look attractive. Are you a wholesaler and want a unique packaging design for your products- wholesale pillow boxes are suitable choice.

Design & looks

Pillow boxes are demanded because of pretty pillow style look and those curves on sides makes it stylish one. They have a very wide use, like you can put a simple product in it, they are widely used among wedding presents, sending gifts, as a special packing for special customers etc. there is a great variety of use of such boxes.

If you are not using it, think about the fit of your product in it, it can obviously add a extra unique touch. You can also introduce such boxes as extra packaging design of your product or second special packaging design. The mostly companies use cardboard boxes for their packaging purpose, cardboard boxes are great choice but pillow boxes are generally known for their pillow looks. Companies or customer, who wants new customization packages, use this kind of boxes.

Their unique, sharp, cushion type design makes it best for gift and vouchers purpose. The pillow boxes on wholesale provided by company gives new look and have special differences than others pillow boxes in the market.

As a wholesale purchase online, the first question came in your mind is why buy from this site? The design is actually specified, like pillow shape boxes. We go anywhere and ask for pillow boxes, any online company can actually provide pillow boxes- exactly of their shape as they are. Then what is the difference from buying this site or another?

Why buy pillow boxes?

The fixation of design does not make the buying same from every site, there is still a lot difference. Yes, the shape is same but there is many other options which is necessary to make that pillow box unique and beautiful and to make it different from other competitors.

Like think, a plain pillow boxes, of that shape, there is nothing printed on it and it resembles with that cardboard boxes, or any other decorations, name or logo or any information makes it just a simple, common everywhere available pillow boxes.

So to active that competitive difference it is necessary that to have such specifications. The company provides complete proper assistance regarding that. You can have custom pillow boxes as you want, of beautiful design & look.

So the first thing company focus is on your requirements, our team note your expected details of products and works in your favor to provide you highly satisfied service. Then the manufacture the pillow boxes using high quality raw material which at the end reflects in the final boxes product. The rigid pillow boxes, smooth touch and shinny good surface reflects a good quality.

Custom pillow boxes

Aside from that there is variety of service which is free; any assistance is free of cost whether it is in design or manufacturing etc. You can have custom pillow boxes of any color, there is special printing machine which give quality printing on boxes. You can print any information or picture on it, the company name, logo, or any other quote or additional information can be added.

Moreover, any decoration if needed is also provided, like in wedding gift pillow boxes or pillow boxes for any fancy event. For such occasions if there is any decoration added on the boxes this gives an extra ordinary touch, like adding glittery ribbons, any decorating material will make is differentiated and unique from others.

Simple cube cardboard boxes gives very usual regular look, but pillow boxes with proper customization add special value and uniqueness to product or anything inside.

Buy the pillow boxes on wholesale fro packaging industry experts, and get the competitive edge. Hire someone to do packaging work reduce your burden and if that provide new unique to your packaging, you should consider the option!